Completely unrelated to running. We were mentioned in Portland Monthly magazine! We did zero ass kissing to get there too. Whoot whoot. We may have chosen not to live in “├╝ber” hipster pdx and I still hold a slight grudge with my better half, but is it awesome to get good feedback from a place […]

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26 Miles for Fun

One thing about me is I’m super impulsive. Well, compared to husband I guess. Actually that would make me mildly reasonable. Anyway…I was pretty excited about Missoula until I realized it was only 12 weeks away and my first Sunday “long run” of 10 miles took me until everyone finished brunch with mimosas and already […]

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Boston Tragedy

I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around the Boston tragedy. My running partner and I were speaking on the phone when the first explosion went off. I remember her saying,”what was that!?” then we said maybe a few more words and cell service was so bad we just hung up. I had no idea […]

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Oh Hi

Hey. Your still here? What the heck for? Oh well. I figured today would be a good day to complain since I’m home from puking my brains out. I was kinda looking forward to a day off alone recuperating but last night my daughter threw up all over. Then the freaking dog too. Really? I’m […]

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I can’t believe the first month of the new year is almost over. I still need to do my taxes. Ugh. First things first. The no drinking for the month of January. Well, I didn’t make it. Shocker. BUT I made it 14 days (yes I realize that isn’t even half of my goal but […]

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Have I mentioned I think I’m depressed because there probably won’t be a spring marathon. Meh. Memorial weekend there is a local Olympic distance triathlon here in town that I may do but frankly swimming in the cest pool they call Bennington Lake sounds kinda miserable. I don’t know, maybe it’s not. Many people think […]

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No, it was not my resolution to quit blogging. Please stop filling my inbox with hate mail that cries of missing my unique life events and spectacular writing. Since this is a running blog and I haven’t really been running I guess there is nothing to report. That’s not totally true (unlike the other 364,199,432,876 […]

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It’s hard to write about awesome things when so many families lives have been ripped apart. It makes me sick to my stomach. I feel guilty for being happy that I am taking my daughter to the Nutcracker today. I feel guilty my son gets to eat cookie dough from the bowl. I feel guilty […]

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CIM: The Real Truth

I still feel jipped for the record. I’m happy for the PR, but considering I trained and was at nearly 50 mpw most peak weeks I should have PRed. In all honestly I think the weather hindered me by at least 5 minutes, maybe more, maybe less. We won’t know but it’s great to point […]

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