I have got do to a blog post. I’ve got to do a blog post. No really ask your Grandpa, can I have a blog post?

Pretty sure I need this! Who’s with me?


Junior Higher

Even though Tri-Cities is a less than desirable place to live (IMO) I hear it’s marathon is magic. Only an hour away. Start time of 8. On a paved trail along the Columbia River sounds decent to me. I’ve got to give this a whirl.

Since I’m horrible (that is an under statement of the century) and I don’t really want to look at my Garmin I thought I’d get some key goal check point times down. No pace band for me-too many splits. So I did the good old fashion thing I used to do in junior high to get attention. Write on myself. Why not?

That’s all for today folks. Sleep well and good luck to everyone chasing their dreams this weekend!

What is your dream? Does it have a horn?

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Sunday at the last minute I decided to sign up for our local half marathon. It’s less than 1/2 a mile from my house and I needed to test the waters for my long run. I figured I’d run at a decent pace but not go all out because I didn’t want to get hurt. I just wanted to gauge my fitness or lack thereof since my knee debacle. I took pretty much 7 days of from anything . Ok well not Makers Mark Manhattans but whatev. I missed two or one 20 milers but #whatyagonnado.
Morning of the race I did a warm up mile then lined up…gulp…in the front. I’ve never been ballsy enough to do that. But my babysitters were there and it seemed like the thing to do.

You can see which one is not like the others AND I felt slightly self conscience but that’s a ME problem 😉
Gun went off and there we go. I estimated there were probably 10 women in front of me (it was a small race). The first few miles were 7 something and I forced myself to slow down. I also made a deal I would only look at my Garmin for mile splits. I felt…great, would be the wrong word but I definitely felt decent. There were 4 main girls in front of me and at about mile 5 I made up my mind that my main goal would be to pass them and stay pass them. The motivation was to try to be a little more competitive. Especially the one girl who looked my age. The miles passed and I passed them all except her until I did. And holy hell it felt great!!

I came home with a new pr 1:45 on a fairly hardish course.
4th place overall female
2nd place in the 30-39 age group.

I never win shit! But…oh I so did!
And a wine glass too. Really couldn’t be more appropriate.


*my babysitters came in 1st and 2nd overrall and a kick ass 55year old spanked my ass…that’s ok. Good for them!

Have you ever won any thing from a race? Maybe even a lotto ticket? Any thing?

39 and Mighty Fine…except for the knee,that is.


I’m a Libra and love it. I turned 39 on the 27th and had a freaking amazing birthday!
There is a trail a few friends have told me about just 50 minutes from our house. It’s not up in the mountains, per say…I consider Colorado to have mountains. This trail was more up the hill towards the little mountains. A gal that I know has run up the Umitilla Rim Trail numerous times and she was happy to take me. She is a stud. 4 time Ironman-crazy speed. You get the idea. I have been really intimated to run with her but it turns out…she doesn’t bite. Anyway our schedules happen to work that we went and ran 10 miles. It was awesome!
We started off and it wasn’t even the first quarter mile I felt my knee kind of over extend. It hurt but then it felt fine, and I was not about to bail on the run. So we finished the run and the knee felt decent but my mind felt fan freaking-tastic.

Came home, got the kids from school then my good friend Annie had promised me a mountain bike ride (which is what I wanted) but my knee hurt and I was kinda tired. I’m trying not to be a flake anymore and she put in a lot of effort to get a sitter for her 3 kids. Off we went. Rode in the rain. It was so great! We ended our ride at the Green for a couple of beers then I headed home. Only to come home to a quite house filled with flowers and Glassy Baby’s
It caught me totally off gaurd. I walked into the kitchen to my husband cooking and a large handful of the most awesome women ever as a surprise party. Full of a champagne tasting. Hello…don’t hate. I feel really lucky! So screw the knee I could hardly walk on for a few days. Screw the 10 days I took of from pretty much any physical activity. Screw it. It was a priceless day that I kinda don’t feel I deserve but someone out there thinks I do….crazy girls! Oxox
What was your most memorable birthday?



Yeah let’s talk about goals…oh shoot me in the face

Boston. Duh.
Lets see how can I write this so all the dots connect in the end. Bear with me.
Over a month ago I made a bet with my dad that we both had to go 21days no drinking. He was complain of having gained too much weight in his old age and I said, “Dad. Here’s the deal. You want to loose weight? Quit drinking.”
No he doesn’t drink enough that there needs to be an intervention but like me, his precious daughter, we have a tendency to maybe just have one too many sometimes. In January I went 2 weeks an lost 3 lbs like just melted off. Had a little here or there. Went another 2 weeks in March and just generally cut back. Then we did the 21 day thing in August. It was fine really but what I keep discovering is that maybe I’m not a social as I thought. I like to be by myself. Now maybe that’s because I have a big freaking mouth and have trouble keeping my opinions to myself, like who died and put me in chargeMaybe I inadvertently judge people and that makes me cringe. When there is alcohol in the mix it removes my filter. Basically it really holds no value. It’s not helpful. Perhaps even destructive. So where is all this going? A few people asked me if I felt better not drinking. And the answer is no. I just don’t feel bad. Another friend asked me about goals. Had I achieved the goals I set out for myself. And the answer is a loud yes. I put myself through college. We moved to the Pacific Northwest (albeit not the exact place I had in mind but getting closer). We sold our house and lived in our Volkswagen van and tent trailer with a 17 month old in search of a “better lifestyle”. We opened a catering business that was struggling to survive and now is a very successful business and we have a sandwich shop and a separate drive through location. My kids are healthy and I really do think my husband and I like each other. But why sometimes am I still…unhappy for lack of a better word. So you reach all these goals right? Then what? More more more. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE more but are we trying to be so occupied we are not paying attention to what’s really important or not taking responsiblity for our actions and our happiness. Not drinking made me realized that its not the wine that can sometimes set me up for failure. Its ME. I a weird way it’s scary accomplishing your goals because its like the day after Christmas, your wedding or college graduation. Perhaps it’s like the elation of finishing your first race whether it be a marathon or a 5k. There is a slight depression at least for me after achieving what I’ve set out to do. I still can’t pinpoint whyexactly but its there. Will that feeling stop me from trying to go after my goals? No! But the self sabotaging has got to stop. I know Boston will happen. I know it will. But now that I’m getting so close I’m almost sad that the excitement of pursuing this goal will be ending. It’s part of my identity. And as all you moms out there know retaining our identity is kinda tough. Sad but true.
What is your identity? Is there a goal your still trying to achieve?


Bonk dee dee Bonk

I guess I should fill in the blanks with where I am at in the running world.
After Missoula I cut back to recover and seriously debated trying the Chelan marathon on September 7th in hopes to BQ for 2014. Wisely I resisted the urge and decided to put my efforts toward Tri-Cities marathon October 28th. This would give me adequate recovery time and 12 weeks to train. Again. The beauty about Tri-Cities is its only an hour away, starts at 8:00 am, and my family will be able to go. Yay, they can’t wait to drive around for 3 hours to watch me thanklessly blow by them. My birthday is in a few weeks and I will be in the 40-45 age group for Boston 2015. A blessing and a curse, right. Tri-Cities is flat, fast, and the weather has been great for running. Fingers crossed.
So what does this have to do with bonking? Today was supposed to be 20 and I made it 8. Pathetic.

I know some of you live back East where it’s hot AND humid and I’m sure I’m a pansy but I LOATHE the heat! LOATHE. And here there is zero shade! Notice the canopy of evergreens in the background? A few years ago I was back in Virginia visiting my dad and had to do a 16 and 18 miler in the heat an humidity and it was brutal but I don’t know what happened today but it sucked. A few weeks ago on a longish hot run I bonked too. I have noticed I really need to eat and fuel properly and not run when it’s hot. I just can’t hang and it takes all the joy away.
So there you have it. I’m contemplating hopping on the treadmill for 5-7 miles but just don’t think it’s worth it. I was originally going to try a 2 week taper then got nervous to try something new but now maybe it’s a good time? If I do a 2 week taper I can still get in 3- 20’s
Also I’ve had my fastest track workouts ever. Like so fast (for me) that I seriously thought my Garmin was broken. Last week I did 6×800’s at average 3:15 pace. Fastest 800 was 3:09! What the what!?! So also perhaps I’m still tired and worried to overtrain or get injured. So my body says rest and I think that’s what I’ll do!

Thanks Dorothy for coming up with a great mantra and I freaking love your blog an the way you have kicked runnings ass over and over!
On a side note this lovely started kindergarten and this one 4th grade!


Does the heat effect you dramatically? Are all your kiddos (if you have any) in school?