9 days

Marathon #4 in Missoula is just 9 days away. The high 100 plus heat has broken but the uv index is still pretty high. I tell you, the blaring sun is an endurance sucker. Big time. I can’t believe how tan I’ve gotten, by accident. My skin feels like its been stuck in the toaster oven on warm and someone walked away and forgot to turn it off. I am warm to the touch all the time and I swear that is tiring.

We took the kids to Silverwood this last weekend and I was supposed to run about 12-15 while up there but only got in 8.5.



It was absolutely beautiful out there alone on the country roads but it was so flipping hot.

Too bad I,
1. Woke up late
2. Didn’t eat or drink anything beforehand
3. Had two large thirst quenching huckleberry mojitos the night before.
So that would be, fail+fail+fail=loser.

My weekly mileage was sucky too because of the heat. And forget about that awesome, confidence booster tempo run I was going to hammer out. Ya, excuses. I know. Whatev.

Now that the 4th of July is over its on the wagon I go. I can make it 9 days actually 10 because I’m totally counting today. I’ve done it before and dropped 3 lbs BAM like that. There’s really no cramming for marathons or weight loss, but I’ll try…again. They say one can run, I think it’s 2seconds per mile faster for every 5lbs. I know I’m thinish but I’ve still got some junk to shed. That’s a pretty good bootay that could use some help.
Here’s the embarrassing photos I had my 5 year old take. Gotta have comparison pics, right? Not gonna lie, I love trolling blogs looking at before and after photos.

Have you ever lost weight to get faster? Did it work?? Ever done before and after pics?

4 thoughts on “9 days

  1. I am not one for before and after pictures, but I love to see the progress that people make, It is inspiring. I have never lost weight training for a marathon. I usually stay the same or gain a little just because I am always hungry.

  2. Seriously, seriously, seriously, you look great. Strong and lean. I think you are doing something right! I haven’t lost weight specifically for a race, before, but I do know that I race best at my leanest. Your VO2 max goes right up with every pound dropped, so it does help, especially on hills. I will admit that I am pleased with the side affect of my low HR training being some fat loss!

  3. So awesome that you’re doing Missoula too! I honestly haven’t heard of many other people who are doing it, so it is very cool to see of someone else!

    To answer your question, I have lost weight to get faster, yes it did work. But be careful to get the nutrition you need for recovery. You’ll get hurt otherwise!

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