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1:42:29 Walla Walla 1/2 marathon
2 nd place in my AG.
That wasafter running 7 miles before hand to get in my 20. The day before I ran 10 miles to equal 56 miles for the week. Let’s hope with a good taper and dropping a few LBS before Richmond I’ll be ready to race the shit out of that 26.2. It’s totally my turn!




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Never did I think I could run that fast and feel decent. The first few miles I was like “whoa beeotch you better slow down because you are going to blow the F up”. I slowed a bit but not much. I figured what the hell lets go for it. It also helped my dear friend who is an amazing athlete ran with me for about 10 miles. I wouldn’t say she paced me but I was defiantly distracted and I did get tired near the 9 miles mark that was ever so gradually uphill. Had she not been there I most likely would have thought about how I couldn’t do it, how it kinda hurt, and I would have slowed down is my bet. But she was there and she knows exactly what I need even before I do so it was awesome. Love her. I guess that is what happens when, 1- you click with someone, but 2- you spend a lot of miles and time together. It’s really a win win relationship. I have to say I am amazed and so so lucky to have a great circle of fit, encouraging people around. Anyway…the last 2 miles this gal and I battled it out. She won by .06 seconds but I’m totally cool with that. Last 2 miles were 7:21 and 7:17 or something.

And my husband even ran the 10k!!! What…the what??! Everyone was shocked. He did great. No walking and 53 minutes about. Not bad for 3 miles being his longest run.
Only 31 days till

I was pretty exhausted Monday and Tuesday working standing all day so I didn’t run at all. Nothing really hurt except my toe

Note to self: clip your claws Becca.

I’m going to try to get a RR about Spokane marathon from June 1st the big BQ bust- I just keep forgetting. Lots going on here.
Does anyone still read this blog??

3 thoughts on “Payback

  1. I do! Congrats on a fantastic race! Great set up for Richmond. Which by the way, is my favorite course–you will love it. And it’s a fast course, too, and the weather is usually perfect. BQ for sure!

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