Spokane Bust

This should be dated June 5th 2014 but it’s not. So let’s roll back the calendar to summer and I will give you a brief but semi detailed RR. God painful memories you will be my bitch!

The goal. To BQ and hopefully sub 3:41.
The reality of what happened 3:50: something.

I don’t know if this is going to be a race report or an excuse report. You decide with the details.

We (my good friend and I) arrived in Spokane Saturday early evening and checked into one of the recommended hotels. As I spoke to the receptionist to confirm what time the shuttle would be rolling through (as it was a sponsored hotel) she said she hadn’t heard anything about the shuttle or marathon. I turned to look at my friend and tried not to have a huge come apart. The reason I booked the hotel was for the shuttle. Being quite worked up about this race I wanted to punch someone in the teeth. I think the desk gal was so dense or stoned she didn’t even know how upsetting this news was to me. She said as soon as she heard news about the shuttle she would call us. Marcella and I worked out logistics with no shuttle. She was doing the half so I would drop her off and then come back to my start. Fine. We get to bed at 9:00pm only to be woken up at 10:15pm to be told the shuttle will be ready to go in the morning. Great. Back to plan A and back to trying to goto bed.

The race started at 7:00. By 6:30 no shuttle, 6:36 no shuttle, 6:41 no shuttle. I am getting pissed. The front desk gal had no idea why we were left stranded. There were 7 of us in the lobby just waiting. One gal finally said she had a car but in only sat 5. I’m stunned beyond belief why she waited so long to offer. 2 of us (me being one of the 2) got in her trunk ( it was a hatchback) and frantically rushed to the start, which we couldn’t find. I have a pic at the bottoms of this post, because I’m lame and still type all this from my phone.
Finally at 7:14 we made it. The race hadn’t started. I almost wish it would had cuz I was over it. 7:28 it started. It was already like 60′ and blaring sun. Miles 1-5 felt awful. 6-25 sucked. Mile 26 was ok because I knew I was done and going to go home with no BQ. I didn’t even really care that much. It just wasn’t my day.

One good thing though was that my friends who came were RAD! I have the best besties ever, and Marcella
came in 2nd or 3rd in her AG for the half! Or maybe overall. Shit I can’t remember.
So that’s the long and short of it.
Have you ever had a shuttle no show? Any unexpected sna-foo?




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