That’s it. It’s time. Today I’m going 101 days alcohol free to beat my best stint of 100 days. Shooting for 365 but can’t even think that far ahead right now sounds too daunting but I had to say the words.

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Oh Snap!

See, I told you guys I had it in me. I am so unbelievably happy! It was finally my day, although truth be told I knew it was goin down.  The day turned out exactly how I imagined. I couldn’t be happier. Well….I could  be happier but I’ll take what I got with a huge smile. […]

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Spokane Bust

This should be dated June 5th 2014 but it’s not. So let’s roll back the calendar to summer and I will give you a brief but semi detailed RR. God painful memories you will be my bitch! The goal. To BQ and hopefully sub 3:41. The reality of what happened 3:50: something. I don’t know […]

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A PR. Hashtag aboutflippintime 1:42:29 Walla Walla 1/2 marathon 2 nd place in my AG. That wasafter running 7 miles before hand to get in my 20. The day before I ran 10 miles to equal 56 miles for the week. Let’s hope with a good taper and dropping a few LBS before Richmond I’ll […]

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Yo Yo Yo!

I have finally had enough rest and now plenty (ok plenty might be an exaggeration) of rest to update the blog. I also now have an ipad and the Cloud and I are wurkin’ things out, although I am still at will to use the former as a very valid excuse for my lack of….whatever. […]

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Who needs sleep?

I think I may have lost my ability to sleep. I konk out at about 8:30 after reading a few lines in a book about motivation; only to wake wide up around 2:30. It’s so fusterating! At least I come up with great bloggy ideas, only to forget them. Let’s see…big news first or just […]

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Later as in…much later

Let me see if my phone still has pics of the crutial event… Oh yeah here’s one. Here’s another. Dam I hate typing from my phone. So. .08. How oh how do I justify that?! Especially since it was 4 min slower than my July marathon?! Well I guess when you get semi “injured 6 […]

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I have got do to a blog post. I’ve got to do a blog post. No really ask your Grandpa, can I have a blog post? Pretty sure I need this! Who’s with me?

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