In a sense my story isn’t that much different than yours, I’d imagine. I started running just months after my first child was born. I wasn’t doing it to lose the weight, I was doing it because I needed something for myself to do alone to find something.  My best girlfriend and I decided to sign up for a 5K in San Francisco as a way to hold us accountable and to meet up in the city and our friend was the doing his first full marathon (which I had no idea how far a marathon was).  I was “skinny fat” and completly unable to run around the block.  We had about 2 months to “train” so I went to the local running store, bought some shoes, tighst, ear warmers and a random impulse book from Jeff Galloway.  I did everything the book said and I showed up and was ready to go. The goal was to not walk. We didn’t. I think it took us 31 minutes. It was the best day ever and I will never forget it; still eight years later it was the hardest “race” I’ve ever done. I look for that feeling every time I line up for the gun fire.

Back then I was running to get away from things. Now I run to greet them.


one last thing…I am claiming that no one ought to take the sarcasm in this blog to seriously.  I mean just how Fueled by Spite do you think I am??

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