Who needs sleep?

I think I may have lost my ability to sleep. I konk out at about 8:30 after reading a few lines in a book about motivation; only to wake wide up around 2:30. It’s so fusterating! At least I come up with great bloggy ideas, only to forget them.
Let’s see…big news first or just borning tidbits from my luxurious life? Ok. Tidbits first (really it’s just so I will remember because people don’t read a blog that isn’t kept up)

I got a new neglige for romantic evenings. I’ve even tried the pj’s out in the pool at the Y for a triathlon swim class. Turns out it is a great multipurpose piece of attire.
Forget about bedtime rituals, let’s talk about the swim class that sounds kinda lame but was awesome.
We swam laps.
We did drills. (I suck ass at kicking)
We swam in a circle around the pool and around a buoy.
We swam into each other and we even swam with our eyes closed.
Wait…maybe the instructor was trying to scare us?

Diane and I did a 6 week personal weight training thing at the Y and it was great!! I enjoy doing weights but when I’m running allthefreakingtime it’s hard to squeeze in the extra time to lift weights and do burpees till I shart myslef. Since I’m not marathon training, doing weights and running a bit is great. Bye bye upper body skinny fat!

The real news of why I’ve been absent (other than being burned out after my last marathon) and why I won’t be training for a spring marathon…
Drum roll please…
We are opening Graze #3.


We got a loan. A small miracle for a food establishment.

Our lease was accepted.
The new spot is an hour away from where we live so that’s a new challenge, but it is right across the street from Costco.
Years ago I was pretty set on going to law school. No…not being a lawyer, I said- just going to law school. Because I’m a bean counter and like giving exact rules. Don’t give me rules tho…anyhow.
I explained to John that opening Graze #3 is an investment similar to that of an unused law degree. We hope for the best but always try to prepare for the worst.
What’s up with you?

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