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Testing. Testing…anyone out there?


Oh Snap!


See, I told you guys I had it in me. I am so unbelievably happy!

It was finally my day, although truth be told I knew it was goin down.  The day turned out exactly how I imagined.
I couldn’t be happier. Well….I could  be happier but I’ll take what I got with a huge smile.

It was pretty cold at the start 23′ I think. By the end of the race I think it was mid-low 40’s. I would rather be cold than hot any day, but you have heard that song. There was very little wind, except for a few brutal miles over a bridge (you can see from my awesome splits where I slowed). It was hillier than I expected and hillier than any marathon I have ever run. 690 ft elevation gain and about 800ft loss, a rolling course I guess. Turns out the hills didn’t effect me to bad. Ha Ha.

My husband and I woke up pretty early to drive to the start because sadly all the close hotels had been booked. We had to sit in the car for an hour just to beat traffic. I was starting to get nervous just waiting and waiting. This was John’s first half marathon and he was actually getting nervous as well, it was fun to watch. We had a passionate embrace, kissed goodbye and wished each other well.

I hopped in line unaware I was right behind the 3:35pace group. BAM the gun went off and I just hung with them for a bit and listened to his speech. I didn’t have any intention of staying with them (I don’t think I like running with a pace group) but his name was Sam (my sons name). The other pace guy was John (husbands name) and they said they would start slow and then just settle in… The first mile was slow and I was so thankful because 8:30ish pace was exactly what I had in mind to start.

Well I don’t know what happened but I felt good. Not great but good. Mile 15 or so is where I lost the pace group because of water stops. They didn’t stop or really slow at all. Thankfully I brought a small 8oz throw away water bottle and carried it until about mile 12. I will do that from now on. It was a huge difference in time and just maintaining good momentum.
I was bummed to see the 3:35 slip away but not crushed because I still felt good.

I was having a par-tay.

Mile 21 was dedicated to a friend who has just finished breast cancer treatment. She chose the mile. I honestly have to say I was losing focus at that point. A bit tired and bored but that mile I thought of her and 2 really good friends who I KNEW were tracking me and that’s when I pointed to the camera. That mile was for them. My fastest mile of the race 7:58 I think. It was bitter sweet my two homies with whom I have shared many miles of happiness, frustration, anger, and goals were not there but in a way it was good thing. If there was one thing I wish I could have changed would have been to see them along the course, or racing too, and giving them a big ole hug afterward. This is for you, you guys! Makes me teary eyed typing.
After that mile I was pumped up and ready to lay it out. I passed so many people and I think I only was passed by honestly 5 or less people.

Coming down the hill to the chute I was looking for my family who was supposed to be on my right hand side but due to race logistics they were not. Thankfully my husband picked up my daughter just in time (he thought no way I would be coming just quite yet) and they finally saw me put that demon to bed.

I qualified for Boston with a time of
And I felt freaking great doing it too.
22nd out of 448 females my age.

The BEST part is my dad and step mom were there, my kids were so proud and my husband a little stunned. All Sam wants to know is when do we get to see Big Papi.
2016 buddy! It’s on.







Spokane Bust

This should be dated June 5th 2014 but it’s not. So let’s roll back the calendar to summer and I will give you a brief but semi detailed RR. God painful memories you will be my bitch!

The goal. To BQ and hopefully sub 3:41.
The reality of what happened 3:50: something.

I don’t know if this is going to be a race report or an excuse report. You decide with the details.

We (my good friend and I) arrived in Spokane Saturday early evening and checked into one of the recommended hotels. As I spoke to the receptionist to confirm what time the shuttle would be rolling through (as it was a sponsored hotel) she said she hadn’t heard anything about the shuttle or marathon. I turned to look at my friend and tried not to have a huge come apart. The reason I booked the hotel was for the shuttle. Being quite worked up about this race I wanted to punch someone in the teeth. I think the desk gal was so dense or stoned she didn’t even know how upsetting this news was to me. She said as soon as she heard news about the shuttle she would call us. Marcella and I worked out logistics with no shuttle. She was doing the half so I would drop her off and then come back to my start. Fine. We get to bed at 9:00pm only to be woken up at 10:15pm to be told the shuttle will be ready to go in the morning. Great. Back to plan A and back to trying to goto bed.

The race started at 7:00. By 6:30 no shuttle, 6:36 no shuttle, 6:41 no shuttle. I am getting pissed. The front desk gal had no idea why we were left stranded. There were 7 of us in the lobby just waiting. One gal finally said she had a car but in only sat 5. I’m stunned beyond belief why she waited so long to offer. 2 of us (me being one of the 2) got in her trunk ( it was a hatchback) and frantically rushed to the start, which we couldn’t find. I have a pic at the bottoms of this post, because I’m lame and still type all this from my phone.
Finally at 7:14 we made it. The race hadn’t started. I almost wish it would had cuz I was over it. 7:28 it started. It was already like 60′ and blaring sun. Miles 1-5 felt awful. 6-25 sucked. Mile 26 was ok because I knew I was done and going to go home with no BQ. I didn’t even really care that much. It just wasn’t my day.

One good thing though was that my friends who came were RAD! I have the best besties ever, and Marcella
came in 2nd or 3rd in her AG for the half! Or maybe overall. Shit I can’t remember.
So that’s the long and short of it.
Have you ever had a shuttle no show? Any unexpected sna-foo?





Hashtag aboutflippintime

1:42:29 Walla Walla 1/2 marathon
2 nd place in my AG.
That wasafter running 7 miles before hand to get in my 20. The day before I ran 10 miles to equal 56 miles for the week. Let’s hope with a good taper and dropping a few LBS before Richmond I’ll be ready to race the shit out of that 26.2. It’s totally my turn!




<img src="

Never did I think I could run that fast and feel decent. The first few miles I was like “whoa beeotch you better slow down because you are going to blow the F up”. I slowed a bit but not much. I figured what the hell lets go for it. It also helped my dear friend who is an amazing athlete ran with me for about 10 miles. I wouldn’t say she paced me but I was defiantly distracted and I did get tired near the 9 miles mark that was ever so gradually uphill. Had she not been there I most likely would have thought about how I couldn’t do it, how it kinda hurt, and I would have slowed down is my bet. But she was there and she knows exactly what I need even before I do so it was awesome. Love her. I guess that is what happens when, 1- you click with someone, but 2- you spend a lot of miles and time together. It’s really a win win relationship. I have to say I am amazed and so so lucky to have a great circle of fit, encouraging people around. Anyway…the last 2 miles this gal and I battled it out. She won by .06 seconds but I’m totally cool with that. Last 2 miles were 7:21 and 7:17 or something.

And my husband even ran the 10k!!! What…the what??! Everyone was shocked. He did great. No walking and 53 minutes about. Not bad for 3 miles being his longest run.
Only 31 days till

I was pretty exhausted Monday and Tuesday working standing all day so I didn’t run at all. Nothing really hurt except my toe

Note to self: clip your claws Becca.

I’m going to try to get a RR about Spokane marathon from June 1st the big BQ bust- I just keep forgetting. Lots going on here.
Does anyone still read this blog??

Yo Yo Yo!

I have finally had enough rest and now plenty (ok plenty might be an exaggeration) of rest to update the blog. I also now have an ipad and the Cloud and I are wurkin’ things out, although I am still at will to use the former as a very valid excuse for my lack of….whatever.

Since last time:

We opened another sandwich shop an hour away from home.

I ran and failed to BQ…again with a long time PW

I ran another marathon 2 weeks later to “redeem” myself and pulled the plug at mile 15. First DNF. Holla

Oh and I am on the brink of turning 40

There was other lots of good things that happened in the last 6 months, but really…that just doesn’t grasp the reader as much.

Glad you stopped by?


Who needs sleep?

I think I may have lost my ability to sleep. I konk out at about 8:30 after reading a few lines in a book about motivation; only to wake wide up around 2:30. It’s so fusterating! At least I come up with great bloggy ideas, only to forget them.
Let’s see…big news first or just borning tidbits from my luxurious life? Ok. Tidbits first (really it’s just so I will remember because people don’t read a blog that isn’t kept up)

I got a new neglige for romantic evenings. I’ve even tried the pj’s out in the pool at the Y for a triathlon swim class. Turns out it is a great multipurpose piece of attire.
Forget about bedtime rituals, let’s talk about the swim class that sounds kinda lame but was awesome.
We swam laps.
We did drills. (I suck ass at kicking)
We swam in a circle around the pool and around a buoy.
We swam into each other and we even swam with our eyes closed.
Wait…maybe the instructor was trying to scare us?

Diane and I did a 6 week personal weight training thing at the Y and it was great!! I enjoy doing weights but when I’m running allthefreakingtime it’s hard to squeeze in the extra time to lift weights and do burpees till I shart myslef. Since I’m not marathon training, doing weights and running a bit is great. Bye bye upper body skinny fat!

The real news of why I’ve been absent (other than being burned out after my last marathon) and why I won’t be training for a spring marathon…
Drum roll please…
We are opening Graze #3.


We got a loan. A small miracle for a food establishment.

Our lease was accepted.
The new spot is an hour away from where we live so that’s a new challenge, but it is right across the street from Costco.
Years ago I was pretty set on going to law school. No…not being a lawyer, I said- just going to law school. Because I’m a bean counter and like giving exact rules. Don’t give me rules tho…anyhow.
I explained to John that opening Graze #3 is an investment similar to that of an unused law degree. We hope for the best but always try to prepare for the worst.
What’s up with you?

Later as in…much later

Let me see if my phone still has pics of the crutial event…

Oh yeah here’s one.

Here’s another.
Dam I hate typing from my phone.

So. .08. How oh how do I justify that?! Especially since it was 4 min slower than my July marathon?!
Well I guess when you get semi “injured 6 weeks out” and your hearts not in it from the get go that’s how. I arrived day of just not in the mood. At. All.


I don’t know if you can tell from the photos that I don’t want to be there but I didn’t. Those crazy broads in the pics were great cheerleaders. I mean great!



Even with all that I just wasn’t in the mood. It was cold, semi rainy at times, and super windy at mile 12-14 and 21-25 (my pace slowed between 15 and 60 seconds per mile-no shit, I confirmed this with other runners and Garmin). It was intensely desolate and lonley. I tried to dig deep but I just didn’t care. I knew I probably wasn’t going to make it or it would be super close and that in itself bugged the shit out of me. I saw my girls the last mile and we were all confused on the time but they made me run hard. Shannon jumped in and ran with me and I think the last mile was like 8:10 pace and that was with me trying but also not giving a fuck. I didn’t want to let anyone down. Anyway. Missed BQ again by eight seconds this time. My Garmin said 26.4 miles too and that course was pretty dam straight. I came in 3rd in my AG and won a beer mug. There were only about 200 runners. The race director asked me why I was upset an I told him I missed BQ by 8 seconds. It was a strange moment lets put it at that. I left with a bad taste in my mouth.
So there you have it. Number 5 in the books and second real attempt at BQ.


Since the marathon I’ve run maybe 7-10 times this month and the break from running has been great! My knee is starting to feel more normal and I’ve been doing weights with a trainer, spin, elliptical and a really cool swim class. So I’m not a complete sloth but it feels good to chill out for a bit. Man as I get older it takes longer and longer to recover. I am not a fan of injury so I always choose time off over pushing it. I’m too dam old to royally F up my body. It’s a fine line we all try to walk I suppose.
Wow. Feels good to get this post out of the way because soon I can divulge the really exciting news that has been brewing!
Thanks for continuing to read this trash. It’s a tad cheesy to have a blog but I also secretly love it. Kinda like admitting you really enjoy Kraft Mac and Cheese. It’s all good. No judging.