The last post I accidental hit publish before intended but I meant every word about blogger burnout.
Anyway this is a big week.

My little Frank has her last day of daycare, preschool…whatever today! She will be a big kindergartner and ready to boss people around bigger than her.

Little League and it’s cult like drama is over. Thank you Dear Lord.

It’s been 16 years since my husband and I shared our first scotch together. I blissfully remember listening intently to his every funny word then lured him in with my bossy pants self ever so subtly and slowly. They really just want sex and someone to listen to them. Don’t worry, he is fine with our arrangement.

Uh….lets see, what was I doing here?? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Missoula.

I don’t know but that mother looks like an uphill race to me. Duh.
Well at least the weather is good because I just love an inferno death march.

It’s ok. We have lots of trees and large bodies of fresh moving water where we live, so it’s tolerable.

stolen pic obviously
Thankfully we have the best cooling system money can buy!!

See, I am glass is half girl. And you thought I was sarcastic all the time.

The plan for Missoula was to do a 2 week taper because 3 weeks seems like a long ass time but thankfully (so freaking thankful) the sky was deliciously overcast and perfect last week so we thought we would do back to back 20’s in addition to the fact we both have prior commitments this weekend so we banged it out last week. I have to say it was one of the best 20 milers I’ve done even with the 800ft elevation gain and touch wood I do not have any niggles or anything. It went well, finished strong and it was so peaceful.

So now we taper. If I can take it.
How’s your summer?

One thought on “Whoops

  1. Hi Becca! I responded to your comment on my blog, but forgot to mention that I will be at Missoula next weekend. Do we pick all of the same races? Ha. I am only running the half for fun because it is a girl’s weekend with my bestie from Oregon. Good luck! 🙂

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