39 and Mighty Fine…except for the knee,that is.


I’m a Libra and love it. I turned 39 on the 27th and had a freaking amazing birthday!
There is a trail a few friends have told me about just 50 minutes from our house. It’s not up in the mountains, per say…I consider Colorado to have mountains. This trail was more up the hill towards the little mountains. A gal that I know has run up the Umitilla Rim Trail numerous times and she was happy to take me. She is a stud. 4 time Ironman-crazy speed. You get the idea. I have been really intimated to run with her but it turns out…she doesn’t bite. Anyway our schedules happen to work that we went and ran 10 miles. It was awesome!
We started off and it wasn’t even the first quarter mile I felt my knee kind of over extend. It hurt but then it felt fine, and I was not about to bail on the run. So we finished the run and the knee felt decent but my mind felt fan freaking-tastic.

Came home, got the kids from school then my good friend Annie had promised me a mountain bike ride (which is what I wanted) but my knee hurt and I was kinda tired. I’m trying not to be a flake anymore and she put in a lot of effort to get a sitter for her 3 kids. Off we went. Rode in the rain. It was so great! We ended our ride at the Green for a couple of beers then I headed home. Only to come home to a quite house filled with flowers and Glassy Baby’s
It caught me totally off gaurd. I walked into the kitchen to my husband cooking and a large handful of the most awesome women ever as a surprise party. Full of a champagne tasting. Hello…don’t hate. I feel really lucky! So screw the knee I could hardly walk on for a few days. Screw the 10 days I took of from pretty much any physical activity. Screw it. It was a priceless day that I kinda don’t feel I deserve but someone out there thinks I do….crazy girls! Oxox
What was your most memorable birthday?

One thought on “39 and Mighty Fine…except for the knee,that is.

  1. Well that sounds about perfect (except for the knee…). Happy birthday! I’m glad you had such a great day. I love birthdays, mine, my families, my friends…

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