Bonk dee dee Bonk

I guess I should fill in the blanks with where I am at in the running world.
After Missoula I cut back to recover and seriously debated trying the Chelan marathon on September 7th in hopes to BQ for 2014. Wisely I resisted the urge and decided to put my efforts toward Tri-Cities marathon October 28th. This would give me adequate recovery time and 12 weeks to train. Again. The beauty about Tri-Cities is its only an hour away, starts at 8:00 am, and my family will be able to go. Yay, they can’t wait to drive around for 3 hours to watch me thanklessly blow by them. My birthday is in a few weeks and I will be in the 40-45 age group for Boston 2015. A blessing and a curse, right. Tri-Cities is flat, fast, and the weather has been great for running. Fingers crossed.
So what does this have to do with bonking? Today was supposed to be 20 and I made it 8. Pathetic.

I know some of you live back East where it’s hot AND humid and I’m sure I’m a pansy but I LOATHE the heat! LOATHE. And here there is zero shade! Notice the canopy of evergreens in the background? A few years ago I was back in Virginia visiting my dad and had to do a 16 and 18 miler in the heat an humidity and it was brutal but I don’t know what happened today but it sucked. A few weeks ago on a longish hot run I bonked too. I have noticed I really need to eat and fuel properly and not run when it’s hot. I just can’t hang and it takes all the joy away.
So there you have it. I’m contemplating hopping on the treadmill for 5-7 miles but just don’t think it’s worth it. I was originally going to try a 2 week taper then got nervous to try something new but now maybe it’s a good time? If I do a 2 week taper I can still get in 3- 20’s
Also I’ve had my fastest track workouts ever. Like so fast (for me) that I seriously thought my Garmin was broken. Last week I did 6×800’s at average 3:15 pace. Fastest 800 was 3:09! What the what!?! So also perhaps I’m still tired and worried to overtrain or get injured. So my body says rest and I think that’s what I’ll do!

Thanks Dorothy for coming up with a great mantra and I freaking love your blog an the way you have kicked runnings ass over and over!
On a side note this lovely started kindergarten and this one 4th grade!


Does the heat effect you dramatically? Are all your kiddos (if you have any) in school?


One thought on “Bonk dee dee Bonk

  1. First of all – congrats on the smart running/racing move. So hard to do, but worth it in the long run! Oh the heat gets me every time. I’ve learned to throw the mileage out the window in the heat because it does a doozy on my mental game and strictly run for the in the heat – then I make sure to go home and REALLY complain about it to everyone. It kinda works for me 😉 Maybe not so much for everyone else though.

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