Oh Hi

Hey. Your still here? What the heck for? Oh well. I figured today would be a good day to complain since I’m home from puking my brains out. I was kinda looking forward to a day off alone recuperating but last night my daughter threw up all over. Then the freaking dog too. Really? I’m just going to put this out there for the whole wide world of readers to see.
Drum roll please…..
Ugh. My husband was right. Ok there ya have it. He was totally right which would make me…um…ugh…wrong?!


I mean if the dog wouldn’t shit in the house, right after I took her outside THEN eat her feces maybe I’d be more patient. Maybe if she would stop peeing in her crate! Grrr
So there’s that.
The. There’s this

Sure a pipe from early 1900 decided to break. So irritating. Have I mentioned how much I miss my Volvo!? I sobbed. Literally bawled like a four year old when we parted ways for $900. It was just like my last bit of myself is being ripped away and shoved in the Middle Age drawer of life. I hate it. I really do.


Embarrassing photo? Yep. Do I care anymore? Ummm…nope.
I love love my kiddos and husband but I really dislike feeling trapped. My son has just been “drafted to the majors” baseball. This is a big deal because he’s only 9 and was first pick in the second round (I had no idea what all that meant till now). Sam is pretty talented little ball player although we have to get him started on HGH soon if he’s going to play for the Mariners. Now Sam has practice Monday – Friday 4:00-6:00 and games in Saturdays. That means no leaving Walla Walla. Fuckkk. Other than this blog and my husband I will do all this with a smile on my face. I wish my parents would have let me play sports so I will give Sam all the tools I possibly can. Even if I have to drive a minivan. Oh dear God. You know when I just give up it could be scary. I haven’t decided to acquiesce to this new chapter just yet but I’m going to need too soon.
Meh yes a little. Like 30 miles a week maybe. There’s just a lot to do so running has taken a back seat. Which since I’m not training for a marathon is ok. The break is kinda nice but I do miss it. I’ve been swimming and taking a kick butt spin class tho because I registered for my first real Olympic distance triathlon. But I really want this

The Onion Man is a local race and I’ve always wanted to do it but looks so intimidating. GRAZE was asked to cater the event this year so I figured I should register because I know I’d feel left out. I haven’t been training per say but trying. I figure I can always bail if the practice swim in the wet suit is that horrid. Well that’s really all.
How have you guys been?

One thought on “Oh Hi

  1. So Proud of Sam… Good Grief, The Majors. I have to tell you I was listening to some baseball people talk and they mentioned how good he was!
    Hang in there girl. We have absolutely all had those days, weeks and months. Maybe a full on re-invention is in order?

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