Boston Tragedy

I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around the Boston tragedy. My running partner and I were speaking on the phone when the first explosion went off. I remember her saying,”what was that!?” then we said maybe a few more words and cell service was so bad we just hung up. I had no idea what had happened until about 20 minutes later.

Diane’s mom had snapped this eerie picture of she and I talking when the first explosion went off. Notice everyone turned in the direction of the noise. Unreal, sad, and heartbroken. Is nothing sacred. And so senseless.
I’m so sad for those families who lost loved ones and those who have to live with permanent disabilities.
The next day I impulsively registered for the Missoula Marathon in July to try to be in Boston for 2014. I want to go more than ever now.

3 thoughts on “Boston Tragedy

  1. Good luck trying to get your BQ. I undestand why you want to run it. I really would love to run it, too, just to show support for the city.

  2. You can do this girl. I am glad you made the decision and Boston 2014 Will no doubt be a memorable race. Train well my friend. Go get that unicorn.

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