26 Miles for Fun


One thing about me is I’m super impulsive. Well, compared to husband I guess. Actually that would make me mildly reasonable. Anyway…I was pretty excited about Missoula until I realized it was only 12 weeks away and my first Sunday “long run” of 10 miles took me until everyone finished brunch with mimosas and already had woken from their nap. (A long run is really anything over 16 miles in my book except for the first 2 training runs because they usually suck so badly.
Then the 12 miler sucked too. So then I clicked on Find my Marathon and checked out the elevation and etc of Missoula and no where did it tout, “fast and flat”. As a matter of fact the race is at 3,300 elevation and it looks like the end is ever so slightly uphill. Doh! Maybe not the best course to shoot for a BQ especially for moi who is probably just going to squeak in with a qualifying time at some point when I’m in the geriatric age group.
This weekend I will do my first 18 miler because I can’t get it in next weekend (work, owning your own business bla bla). I’m a bit concerned because I went from no long run to a 10, 12,14,16 now 18 with no step back weeks. Oh well I’ll just go slow, that oughta be something I can do.
But super excited for Missoula it looks like a kick ass race! Perfect size and and a great town. Ill just run 26.2 for fun!
Meanwhile I will
🎶 “always look on the bright side of life”🎶
I’m off to serve Eric Idle a turkey sandwich…,


Did someone say, Jehovah!?

Who’s the most famous person you hoped not to give food poisioning?

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