No, it was not my resolution to quit blogging. Please stop filling my inbox with hate mail that cries of missing my unique life events and spectacular writing.
Since this is a running blog and I haven’t really been running I guess there is nothing to report. That’s not totally true (unlike the other 364,199,432,876 truthful things that come out of my mouth) I have been running, just not training for anything and, well, that’s depressing. I doubt I will do a spring marathon because marathon running probably should not be my first, second, or even third priority. If I want to have a helicopter and take over the world I need to spend my time in other ways. Meh. The problem is I want to do it ALL-all at once. So that’s it for now.
When I have more time I will tell you about the dog we got, that I took back to humane society because of biting. I’ll also tell you about my yuppie car that needs a new transmission. The bathroom project that won’t end. The stolen ring from the US Postal Service. The fact that I thought January would be a good month to not drink booze. And I’ll tell you about Alice, the puppy.

How is your 2013 so far?

2 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. This blogging thing ebbs and flows. Life does not, so we understand when other things come first. How is the not-drinking thing going? How adorable is Alice the puppy? Write more when you get a chance.

    1. Hey thanks for checking in! Alice is cute but sadly one too many people asked me if she has chihuahua in her and I really really dislike that breed; almost as much as my distain for for cats. So when she pees in the house I see an ugly dog that will be with us for 15 years. Mostly she is cute though.
      No drinking made it 15 days till my daughters birthday. I should have made an addendum when I said no drinking for Jan; she was born at 26 weeks and now she is healthy and happy so a bottle of champagne was in order. Since then I’ve had 1.5 glasses of wine with a nice meal but last night I has 2 small cocktails (those were to cope) I made a 3rd but took a sip and dumped it out; it actually didn’t taste that good. The first 3 days if no drinking are always the hardest. It’s a sugar thing and defiantly a way to cope. Funny makes it sounds like life if horrible when in fact we really have it pretty good, don’t we? It’s odd. How are you? How’s the no sugar? I really enjoy your posts. Look forward to more.

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