CIM: The Real Truth

I still feel jipped for the record. I’m happy for the PR, but considering I trained and was at nearly 50 mpw most peak weeks I should have PRed. In all honestly I think the weather hindered me by at least 5 minutes, maybe more, maybe less. We won’t know but it’s great to point the finger at the weather Gods.
On our flight home I picked up the Sac Bee.

Then there’s this one

This picture was taken 2 blocks from J Street, where the final death march occurred. So when some folks say the weather had no or little effect on them, I beg to differ. Even if it was just mental. Maybe I’m just really a wimp.
Here’s some more photos all taken from Sac Bee



I can’t believe I made the paper with my warm up routine. hahaha ugly cry sigh. That is not me, but in my mind it’s totally me.

That’s more like it. I ditched the garbage bag at mile 19 I think so no idea what mile this is…must be between 19-24 because the sun came out just as I was finishing.

Moments after taking my finishers photo I saw my husband and family. I was a little delirious. I stared at them blankly, then cried, then laugh-cried (you know the kinda of hysterics you do at church or a funeral or somewhere equally inappropriate).
I couldn’t believe that was the marathon. A lot of build up and once again life smacks you in the face with uncontrollables.

correction from last post. There was 5 inches of rain for the weekend and about 2 inches the morning of the marathon. Winds were about 20-35 mph I think

Finally my inlaws who ROCK came to watch the kids, and everyone had a great time. Even though its expensive and logistical pain in the arse, it really is a win win for our entire clan. My sister inlaw gets awards for The Best cheerleader. I couldn’t believe someone with a PHD from Berkeley could get all crazy! Char, I freaking love you! The volunteers get the super award! Thank you! That job was probably worse than running.

After the race we went for sushi and beer and celebrated our wet clothes.

And finally the night before the race John and I celebrated our 13th anniversary with bro and sis inlaw at our old Favorite eatery in Sac. This was a non vegan affair for sure! Other than the sucky weather we had a fantastic time! I have a feeling we will be back.

Would you do CIM again? Are you fully recovered if you raced? What’s next?!

One thought on “CIM: The Real Truth

  1. I’m recovering with horrible shin splints that I got during the taper. The weather definitely sucked but I know my shins were my downfall. It was my first marathon and really just happy I finished. I was sooo pissed the first half at the weather, my shins, my screwy time but then I refocused on just finishing. Now I feel like a total bad ass;) Can not wait to do it again!

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