Bonk dee dee Bonk

I guess I should fill in the blanks with where I am at in the running world. After Missoula I cut back to recover and seriously debated trying the Chelan marathon on September 7th in hopes to BQ for 2014. Wisely I resisted the urge and decided to put my efforts toward Tri-Cities marathon October […]

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Race Report

I’m sitting on a plane headed to Colorado so a great time to finally do a race report…if I can remember the details it’s been so long. Ill put all the pictures at the end of the post because I’m on my iPhone and its just easier that way. Ok. Lets go. First things first. […]

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Trying not to focus on the negative. 3:41:03 Missed Boston by 63 seconds. If only I didn’t dick around for 2 seconds per mile. 7th in AG tho. That floored me. I couldn’t drink that beer fast enough. Longer post to follow. Well that’s the intent anyway.


9 days

Marathon #4 in Missoula is just 9 days away. The high 100 plus heat has broken but the uv index is still pretty high. I tell you, the blaring sun is an endurance sucker. Big time. I can’t believe how tan I’ve gotten, by accident. My skin feels like its been stuck in the toaster […]

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The last post I accidental hit publish before intended but I meant every word about blogger burnout. Anyway this is a big week. My little Frank has her last day of daycare, preschool…whatever today! She will be a big kindergartner and ready to boss people around bigger than her. Little League and it’s cult like […]

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Completely unrelated to running. We were mentioned in Portland Monthly magazine! We did zero ass kissing to get there too. Whoot whoot. We may have chosen not to live in “├╝ber” hipster pdx and I still hold a slight grudge with my better half, but is it awesome to get good feedback from a place […]

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