Holy crap I can’t believe we leave in 2 days. gulp


I had acupunture again Monday so I made Tuesday my run day. Sadly I had a few appointments in the morning before work so I knew my run was going to have to wait until the evening hours. I rarely run any time past noon so it feels weird. It also gets dark here at 4:30 and I’m not a fan of running in the dark.
I was super nervous about my run. Like a second date with a boy you really like. What if he doesn’t like me anymore? What if I don’t know how to behave? What if? What if? Ahhh I remember the nervous anticipation well. Good times.
What was my point??? Oh yeah-I was nervous for my run. Well it went great. Thank gwad! I’m so so so so glad I stayed off my leg. Even if I lost a bit of fitness it was so worth it. There is no reason to run when something specific hurts. Did it suck I didn’t run? Yes. But I can run now pretty much pain free and that is totally worth it.
After my run in my crack den we had homemade pizza sans the cheese and meat (so basically a cracker with vegis on it) a fire and I had one nice glass of red wine. Put the kiddos to bed and enjoyed the approaching winter. I think it was 32′ last night.



I was super excited for today so I could run a good 6-7 miles outside with a few marathon pace miles in there for a leg reminder but…


Sick kid staying home from school.

Poor thing. But I swear…it IS one thing or another!

Looks like I’ll be on the treadmill again and I’m thanking my lucky stars I bought that thing! But I want to run outside! The treadmill always feels way harder to me. I just can’t go as fast. I think it’s because I’m freaked I’m going to fall. I guess:
“You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.”
I’m really trying to better about that motto. No. Really, I’m trying.

How does the treadmill compare to the roads for you?Do you throw a fit when things don’t go your way or just accept it?

3 thoughts on “Ready

  1. Awesome on the leg! Really glad you cut back and listened to your body. You will be no worse for the rest at CIM. Now tell the rain to hold off. Clouds, fine, but no rain!

    1. Ya what’s with all this rain buisness I’m hearing all over the blog o sphere!? Having lived in Sacramento for years I’m banking on empty threats.

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      On Nov 28, 2012, at 10:48 AM, Fueled by Spite

  2. This time of year feels like a nonstop series of one thing after anothers. How exciting for your trip and race though! And yes, hate the treadmill because it does feel harder, somehow, and I run slower on a flat program than I do up hills in my neighborhood. Go figure. But it’ll do in a pinch. Good luck on your marathon! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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