Waters Tested

Because I know you guys are just as anxious as I was about my run I’ll finally spill the beans.
3 successful-ish miles. 9.30 slooooow ugh pace.
My leg was pretty achy and when I attempted to pick up speed it got more achey. Thankfully no sharp searing pain anymore. I had planned on maybe doing 5 miles then thought, “eh, maybe 3 is good and then see how leg feels tomorrow. I already blew my taper time so, what ev”

Today it felt ok but again I thought, “don’t be a dumbass and run 8-12 miles like planned: It WILL NOT do any good for CIM.” So we packed up the family, I checked the kids room hours of operation online and we were a go for a good solid 1.5 hr sweatfest. When we got there the room was closed. Like not open on Sundays. I had a small come apart to the two young guys at the counter and proceeded to inform them of the world altering situation at hand. Poor guys. After blowing off some steam via my big pie hole I took Frances to this tiny upstairs gym where I could hop on the old, janky elliptical and just do something!


Right. Of course it’s out of order. My bad. What was I thinking.


My head is going to blow right off my shoulders into a million gooey pieces all over the the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. that’s gonna be a bitch to scrape clean

It’s a conspiracy. Hahaha! Jokes on me!
Does the world play mean tricks on you too? No…I’m sure I’m the only one.

One thought on “Waters Tested

  1. CIM will be my first marathon and just for shin splints 4 days ago. So frustrated:( Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Haven’t done the acupuncture yet.

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