Long Run Missed

This might sound a little cray cray but I think missing (opting) not to do one of my 20 milers a few Sundays ago was one of the best things that could have happened this training cycle. In fact I did not run at all that Sunday. I chose (had I chosen to run there would have been family hell to pay; I’ve been known to be a bit selfish occasionally) BUT I put on my big girl pants and took one for the team. The bathroom had to get finished to a certain point because the plumbers were coming Monday morning. It was sanding, painting, and child rearing all day. Choosing to skip the run actually chilled me out. This running thing, although needed, is extra. Have I sacrificed things to be able to run? Yes. Gotten babysitters? Yep. Do I feel entitled just a bit to be able to run or more aptly train for marathons? Yes, again. Missing the 20 miler though kinda helped me realize that this hobby is really a luxury in a sense. I’m lucky to afford the crap (shoes, books, watches, oh yeah, crazy race fees AND traveling fees). I am lucky I can afford the time (paying for a babysitter is kinda a dirty feeling just to run for 3 straight hours). I’m lucky my health allows me to run, and that my family is heathy and for the most hopeful foreseeable future will continue to be. So I just needed to chill the F out and put things into perspective. It’s funny though that a silly bathroom remodel prompted such thoughts of butterflies and ponies. Ever since skipping that 20 miler my runs have been much more focused. I don’t know what switch was flicked but something has changed (for now anyway) and I like it. It feels more purposeful; why I started running in the first place.

Finally able to bathe in our own home…talk about luxury.
And just couldn’t help the before and after of the bathtub. It was nasty…I told you!

Have you ever had a moment to chill you out? Put things into perspective? How about missing a long run? Survive?

4 thoughts on “Long Run Missed

  1. Bathroom looks awesome and well worth the skipped run! I think we all need that perspective check now and again. And I can always point to my friend and training partner Becky on this topic–she misses runs, big ones sometimes, b/c she is always doing good things for others. And you know what? I think karma goes with her b/c it doesn’t hurt her running at all.

  2. Oooh, that tub looks nice! Especially the “after” photo!

    A missed run really does put things in perspective for me too. Like you, it helps me remember my priorities and also sparks my desire to get back out there and enjoy my runs for the sheer joy of running.

    I got two miles into a recent twenty miler and had to call it- the world was just stacked against me that day. I was bummed, but when I got back out there a few days later, the miles just flew by. I think it’s good for our mind and body to take a breather every once in a while.

    It’s nice to meet you here. Happy to have found you! I look forward to following your work,
    Ros (Christy)

  3. As a mother, I don’t think it’s selfish at all to take those runs or even pay a sitter so you can have 3 hours to yourself. Running provides so many benefits and it would be a shame for you to miss out. I do know that guilt that happens when running or any hobby, really, interferes with family time. Being able to put that into perspective and be flexible shows you have the right attitude. Glad to have found your blog, looking forward to following.

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