Last week I started to get a little sharpish pain in my left shin; the same leg and perhaps the same spot as my stupid shin splits from Eugene. I took it pretty easy last week.Ok maybe 50 miles that week isn’t exactly easy I did my 20, I was going to do 22 but figured lets not be greedy for just 2 more miles, and I went pretty slow. 8:57 pace. I felt great other than the wanting to puke at about mile 16-20. I HATE carrying water, almost as much as I hate out and backs and running with a shirt on….so I made 2 loops, drank water and took one Gu at mile 10 back at my house. I did the same thing on my 17 mile last week and I felt like a puker too. Might not be the best strategy. Oh well. Anyway.
My shin is kinda bugging so I’m headed to spin class and not a speedy 8 miler I was planning on. Dang it!!!! But it is not worth 8 stupid miles. Right? Please a little validation here? The hay is in the barn. (My new favorite saying) There is no cramming for marathons. I guess that’s why I like the distance, it keeps ya honest.
Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year. Cozy and cold, the leaves are all kinds of awesome colors and the air smells wet and with the good smoke from fireplaces. I’m been envisioning my favorite socks, compression sleeves, cozy sweats, a hoodie and my Amazon delivery of a Benjamin Franklin worth of reading material. It’s so great to be a homebody. Cheap too especially if you just drink hot tea. I’m making the huge sacrifice to not drink until the marathon…well except for maybe Thanksgiving. Le sigh.
I still cant wrap my brain around the fact theoretically I’ll be able to run 45 seconds per mile faster PLUS six additional miles. More validation here? What’s your favorite season? Do you push your “ouchie” out of your mind or just go for it?



One thought on “Ouchie!!?

  1. Ugh, sorry to hear about your shin pain. I’m sure spin was the best thing for you, especially since I just saw your 1.5 miles in pained face.

    Heal up, rest that leg, and enjoy that tea!

    (I could tell a big difference in my running performance when I quit drinking. Have you discovered rooibos tea yet? It’s so good!)

    Hope you’re feeling better!

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