The Infamous Jacket

Man I was doing awesome with hits on this blog then I stopped sharing my wealth of insights via the World Wide Web and low and behold less visitors. Sad face.
Ok well I was going to blog tomorrow but I’m all wound up NOW! (And no, not one ounce of booze is in my system, this is au natural).
I’m not 100% shooting to BQ in Sacramento but that be pretty freaking awesome. I wish I could have raced a half just to gauge my times but…life goes on. I swear I want the Boston jacket so bad!
Oh wait…

I got it!!!!! Tonight at TJ Maxx. Only $29.99
What the hell am I working my arse off for?
Oh yeah. It’s not about the over priced jacket with the silly my little pony unicorn (thanks friend for that idea). For me it’s about hard freaking work. 8 years ago I couldn’t run around the block, ok that’s a slight exaggeration but I was really winded. Then I ran a 5k in 30 minutes and thought I was a rock star. Years later a half marathon, and now the full 26.2. So because I’m measured goal oriented person this sport leisure activity works really well for me. I guess the next “logical” step is to BQ. Obviously I’m not particularly talented (I HATE that fact) but I have a goal. A vision? It’s me with that dam jacket and I’ll pay 200$ at Boston if I have to but I’ll be damned if I walk around with a unicorn I did not earn. Although it did cross my mind to buy the dam thing and sell it on eBay. True story.

Yes, some folks think this is all silly. I’m sure if your still a reader here you must have people (maybe even loved ones) that just don’t get it. Oh well. Not their vision I suppose.

Oh…and how about the NYC marathon getting canceled last minute?! Yikes that sucks!! They never should have said it was on in the first place. My heart goes out to those folks trying to rebuild their homes and lives; and to some of the runners who already made the trek to NYC to run only to be shut out. Ugh!

What does the Boston jacket mean to you? Anyone know the story behind the unicorn? Thoughts on NYC?

5 thoughts on “The Infamous Jacket

  1. Ha, ha! Yes, my neighbor was out at Marshall’s a few weeks ago and snapped a picture of it to show me. What? Insane you can grab them like that. And don’t even talk about the fact that all of us who were at the race laid down $100 for the damn things!

    I think you’ll be earning yours in 4 weeks!

  2. Still a fan of the Unicorn. Have many thoughts on this.. the “Corn” being a magical being maybe it is the same magic feels crossing the line at Boston? Maybe the creator of the Boston.. was high (on endorphans) when he/ she created said jacket with hideous Unicorn. Maybe if we all buy the Unicorn jacket, then the jackets will be offered at a reduced price at the actual race? Maybe we can lower the desire a little bit by flooding the market with Unicorn laced jackets. Maybe we should challenge Lacoste with Unicorn’s on poloshirts and jackets? Oh now we are getting somewhere….

    In all reality, hey us people who will never run the race need a way to feel cool. Thanks aftermarket jacket. I will, however, wait to get mine until it comes from TJ Maxx to my local Goodwill. (Wouldn’t want to pay too much) xoxo

  3. See, you give me hope. I am closer to an out-of-breath-5k’er than someone ready to run a half-marathon, but I like how you stressed that your progress happened gradually. My next goal is a 10K in spring, so that’s plenty for now. Not surprisingly, I have no idea about the unicorn, but that’s a really sharp jacket.

    1. Hey so great to meet you! Will you please do me a favor and let me know how your 5k goes? I did the exact same program, couch to 5k with walk breaks starting off. It was the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done! Alas I have not given up drinking…yet. That seems impossible and maybe unnecessary to give up totally.?. Sigh
      Good luck to you and I can’t wait to hear about your race!! Ps the jacket is what one gets when they run the infamous Boston Marathon which one has to have a fast enough time to get in. I had no idea what the Boston marathon was either. Now…I’m slightly obsessed.

      1. Last time I did a 5K (in July) my time was 36min and some change. I’m doing a 2miler at the end of this month and promise I’ll try a 10K in spring. I’m actually excited about the prospect of training and might try the couch to 10K if such a thing exists and I didn’t just dream it up.

        As for drinking, there are some great sober blogs that double as running blogs. Go figure. I don’t know how much your drinking bothers or affects you, but for me I knew I had to stop. I was tired of suffering and it kept getting worse. There is a lot of great support here, no matter what you decide. And great meeting you too!

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