Moving Right Along


Before we left for Southern California we decided to remodel our only full bathroom. It was really, really gross.


Nice shot of the shitter. Your welcome.
So now our bedroom looks like this

Thank The Lord we know the right people, they took great care of us and got the plumbing done while we were gone. Good to have folks you can trust.

Now we’re back and still have no bathroom because the tub needs to be refinished and etc. Today is day 3 of no shower. Gross. I’m headed to the Y to get the sweat and sawdust out of my pores. Yuck. Itchy.
So that’s the home front situation, kinda adds one more thing to the pile but I’m getting my miles in….kinda. Oh well. Not the end of world. Right!!??

On to the better part of our vacation.
Great Grandmas 90th was great. My inlaws did a great job as a team over the weekend. They insisted on taking our children overnight then to Knotts Berry Farm for the day. John and I headed to San Deigo to see my brother and sister law for a bit then we snuck away ourselves to this

We stayed right on the harbor from a Priceline hotel deal. I was kinda bummed because I thought our hotel was going to be downtown with the shopping and eateries but it wasn’t. Grrrr. Apparently I didn’t fully read the map description and Zone 3 on Priceline for San Diego included downtown and the airport. Fail. My Priceline experience is other cities have an area just for the airport but not San Diego. Yes, I’m totally justifying my mistake. Whatev.
Since I’m the glass is half full kinda girl we ended up having a lovely time and just stayed at the hotel. The food was meh, the gin and tonic wasn’t perfect and freaking expensive but we just relaxed. Relax? What’s that?
Turns out it was an awesome place to run. I got a speedy 8 miles in and my husband even ran one mile with me. Oh yeah…I brought all my running crap, Garmin, compression socks, visor but no shorts! Wtf!? I was so bugged. So I said screw it and wore my bathing suit bottom and cute skirt from Target. My husband also had no running shorts so we felt ridiculous for about 3 minutes.


Finally we headed to Del Mar because I heard rich people lived there and I was on the lookout for someone to help us build our sandwich empire and get a helicopter.



See that little dot near the ocean? That’s a lady all decked out in Lululemon with a jogger stroller. Ya, I’m pretty much a rich person stuck in an averages persons body. Hmmmm.
Have you ever been to San Diego? What do you think of Southern California? Ever forget some important running attire? What did you do?

2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Don’t even get me started on Southern Cali FBS. How could anyone not love SD? Weather, perfect, it harbors a naval base and an army base. There is never a lack of things to look at, and .. the people are chill. It’s the best. So glad you got to go.

    Good thing you have super great “people” lined up for the remodel. I am actually pretty proud of you becuase remodel at my house usually equals a fight near divorce. Congrats on that so far.

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