I’m tired


We are in Southern California visiting my husbands family (well my family too). We came down to celebrate Great Grandmas 90th birthday. She is an incredible whiskey drinker lady. If I make it that long I hope to grow up to be just like her. Along with the celebration also brought very very sad news to a family member. News that hit very close to home for me. Life is exhausting.
I could either make a martini but 6:53am is a bit early so I laced up my shoes. The only other thing I have apparently learned to cope with emotions. It’s hot here. Hot, dry and no trees, hilly. I go uphill then downhill. Over and over until my watch beeps. Over over. I’m tired. Have I mentioned I’m hot.
I stop I finally cool down a bit. The sweat slowly starts leaking out of my body like a decent sized wound. It won’t stop. I’m sweating myself out of myself its weird. I sweat until there is nothing left but the strongest self only because that is the only option. I bite and hang on. I shake it so hard till it stops making those noises. The noises that exhaust me. I get rid of them. All that is left is the part of me i want to keep, until I sweat again. Until it is all gone, one day.

Am I completely crazy or do you ever feel like you just have to keep moving to tire yourself out? Does anyone else use running as their therapist?

3 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. Absolutely I do? Don’t all runners use it as therapy of some sort? I am not sure you can run as many miles as you do to be competitive and not work out all of your problems on the road. You needed this my friend. Go run your self tired.

  2. Running is incredible therapy. Either you can sort out your life frustrations or completely shut off your brain for a few miles… Both work wonders when I am having a particularly hard day.

  3. Running is amazing therapy. I either shut off my brain completely or I process my crazy thoughts and sort them and put them all where they belong. Either way, it works wonders on my hardest days.

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