Can’t believe it’s been a year since my first marathon in PDX. Yesterday I had total fall racing envy. Seems everyone was out there destroying their bodies but me. Lucky bastards.

Diane and I slipped on our overpriced race shirts and ran 16 to get ready for my 3rd marathon and her 4th. CIM is coming fast only 9 weeks I think. Last week I did my highest milage ever at 55 miles and they were hard miles. This week is a step back week at 46 miles. Easy peasy, right?
I’m impressed my body is holding up with increased milage and speed work. This is the first time I’ve really done track work or tempo runs. I think it’s paying off. We shall see. I better not jinx myself.

Any one race this weekend?How much does doing speed work really help anyway?

2 thoughts on “Marathoniversary

  1. Nice week for you! I am not that high yet–more around 50. I have a relay to run this weekend but will turn it into a 50, then tapering next week for a 1/2. Then the final, more serious weeks. Glad you are feeling good!

  2. Jealous reading about you doing CIM. It was on my list, then I pulled, and I’m feeling a little trigger happy trying to keep myself from NOT registering this week after a good race. Gah! So glad to hear your training is going well though!

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