Sick Day

There are real benefits to having a sick child at home; like catching up on blogs. So since it has been a while I think bullet points are appropriate to catch up, if I can remember what has happened the last few weeks.

* I had to drive to Portland to get my yuppie car a new throttle. I love my car it only has just over 100,000 miles and runs like a champ. If the seat warmers ever break then I’ll get a new car but meanwhile I’m not a fan of car payments, cuts into my race budget and compression gear fund.

*I did a little research and thanks Amanda for a tip to run the Leif Erickson Trail in PDX for my 18 miler. It was lovely and shielded me  from the brutal sun which I am so sick of. It was awesome but HOLY GOD 1,350 ft of elevation for my longest run was brutal.  It was great to run on a trail but it was pretty rocky in spots so the hills combined with the uneven ground and my legs felt like they had been made into sausage.

*I didn’t see many people on the trail, maybe 15. Most unfriendly, not even a wave or a nod. Whatever Portland Yuppies.

*It was my birthday week. 38 ugh, makes me want to scrape my eyeballs out. People say, “Oh it gets better as you get older.” They lie. They are just convincing themselves it gets better. I don’t blame them for thinking that way, lets just keep it real mmmmmmkay?

*My son and daughter woke up on their own and made me breakfast, vegan style minus the chocolate (more on that later). Pretty cute!

*Ran my first 20 miler this cycle successfully.

*Saw this class advertised in the Portland monthly magazine. Who does this shit? Is there really a demand? I’m dying to know how much it costs.

*I was reading Wild but replaced it with The Chronology of Water. I went to Powell’s Books and was staring blankly at the Best Sellers shelf and eaves dropping on a couple. He says to his girlfriend, “Ohhh that’s a great book! So sad. About a woman who had a stillborn. It’s so sad.” I teared up, grabbed the book and stood numbly in line to pay.

*My first child, a daughter, was stillborn. No, I’m not remotely kidding.

I was going to write more but I think I’ve just shut down. Sometimes these memories just keep coming back.

I’ll be back in a few days.

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