Change of Scene


So it’s about that time again and I’m getting antsy to leave this island. Find a new place to run. Something different to look at. Something. New. Please.
I had this brilliant (yes another one) idea to drive 15-20 min out of town and run on these super back country roads. Diane and I had both had to run 10 miles so I convinced her to go with me. The company is nice but also not a great idea to be in the middle of no where alone. Forget the bears and cougars in the area (I’m 100%) serious but the freaky people (yes, mostly perverted men-sorry guys) that might be out in the middle of nowhere too.
Before we headed up the hill I stopped at our local ranch supply store and came out with pepper spray.

We drove up the huge hill to find the part where it levels out.


Not so flat and super hot and sunny.
Who’s bright idea was this??
We walked for about a mile up then kinda ran for a mile then said screw it.
I felt so defeated. Thankfully I felt validated for the pepper spray when we saw this

We drove back into town and did 6 hot miles. Whatever
Now on top of the normal browness that happens here in this agriculture desert we have smoke. I woke up yesterday to ashes to covering my car.

Pretty romantic, no?
That treadmill has already paid for itself. I can’t believe how much I’ve used it. Because of the smoke I’ve been running inside. Today will be day 3. It’s so nice to have the option. Beggars can’t be choosers-or so I’m told. Meh.
Ever have an ideal run planned only to go wrong? Would you run outside through the smoke or on a treadmill? Ever feel like you need to get out of town?!

3 thoughts on “Change of Scene

  1. As much as it sucks, it probably is smart to be on the treadmill w/ smoke outside like that.

    I would love to have beautiful trails like yours to run on, but, I would definitely no go them solo either. I’ve done one trail run alone and was paranoid the entire time!

  2. Sometimes I think I should maybe get pepper spray, but I couldn’t figure out where to buy it. Now I just have to figure out where the nearest ranch supply store is. I’m also kind of scared that my imagination would start going wild and I’d end up frantically spraying some poor old lady who innocently approached me to ask for help. Perhaps pepper spray is best kept away from jumpy types.

    1. Good point! I’m a complete “jumpy type” and I just feel so much safercarrying pepper spray. Did you read latest edition of Runners World? A few guys got completely mauled by crazy dogs. 7.99$ not a bad investment for us jumpy types!:)

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