It’s in!

Over 250 lbs this thing is a Beast!

Right before we drove away from the sellers house my brilliant mother in law had the good sense to say, “Um Becca…do you think it’s going to fit down the stairs to the basement? Maybe we should measure it?”

“Oh yeah sure it will fit. They make these for people’s homes. What kinda of sick company would make them too big? But sure let’s measure it. Good idea.”

Great! Not going to fit unless we take it apart. My husband is really not going to happy about this BUT I called him and told him that it was huge bla dee bla dee bla and that I’ll need his help to move it. He agrees. He’s so good sometimes.

I’m bound and determined to make this moving thing as painless as possible, so I go online and find the instructions for assembly and work backwards.


It is a pain in the rear but not nearly as hard as it was to get into the basement. Holy God!!!! Our good read big strong friend Sean helped. Love that guy! Finally got it into the basement and all assembled, well there were a few fallen soldiers in the screw department but it still feels super sturdy.


I hooked up the computer and watched The Shark Tank and Gordon Ramsey and ran my little heart out for 7 miles.

It was pure heaven! I know there are some treadmill haters out there but it was so great to not have the sun beating down on my skin, I ran in the middle of the afternoon AND watch TV. I never watch TV. oh and no one interrupted me except for my husband. He came home and couldn’t find me for a few minutes then came into the basement and said that I was sick or something incredulous like that so I took that as an opportunity to ask him to take a pitcure of me knee deep in my sickness for this lovely little blog. Why not? Own it, right?

I hopped off 7 miles later and remembered I had a few stickers I could put on the Beast so I ran up stairs and dug it out of my closet.

SUAR was I think the first running blog I ever started to read. It got me hooked. I still read her blog and love it along with many others. It’s a sickness I just can’t help!

Do you have a treadmill? How often do you use it? What’s the first running blog you read?

2 thoughts on “It’s in!

  1. I use the thing all the time! It is almost a necessity for a lady with kids. You never know when you will get a minute to run let alone a minute to yourself. Good for you girl, you can get caught up on your fitness and gossip tv all at the same time!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with my treadmill. I love it for shorter runs – especially ones that have a focus like speedwork or hillwork. I hate it for longer runs, though. It stays dark so late into the mornings, though, now that it’s pretty much my best option for any morning run, though.

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