Island Running

Thank god some crazy hippies put these on the shore because we all know I’m terrible with directions.

Here’s a huge pet peeve- out and backs. Running loops is where it’s at for me. I’ve only ran out and backs a few times but I loathe it and will do just about anything to avoid that situation. I’d rather run in the same circle 5x then do an out and back. This strategy coupled with a poor sense of direction and a new place can lead to all kinds of unplanned adventures.

But I got to see this


A ton of these


And finally

Please don’t make me leave!!!!

On a quick side note-if your a baseball fan this is awesome…
My husband and son got to watch Felix pitch a perfect game 11th row behind home plate.
Boo yah!!!

Thanks for the awesome vacation D&L!!


Out and backs or loops?Ever get lost on a run? Who watched Felix?!

ps I did not actually run on the unplugged treadmill. God, how crazy do you think I must be??

One thought on “Island Running

  1. Looks beautiful. The baseball thing is lost on me, but I’m sure it was cool!

    I don’t mind out and backs. Most of my friends are like you, though, so whenever I run w/ them, it’s loops!

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