Vacation Running


I’d like to think I’m not a creature of habit but when ever (all the countless times) I go on vacation I realize panic sets in because I don’t have my “route”.

Before vacation I dream of beautiful runs and picture myself on the inside page of Runners World; you know the the featured photo of some one running in the perfect setting. Yep, that should be me. There is a decent amount of trial and error when looking for a good place to run in unfamiliar settings. It’s also really tricky when one has the idea that everything has to be perfect.
Folks, this time it’s pretty perfect. Well except for the continuous hills and lack of shoulder on the road but there are hardly any cars so it’s manageable.

We are on Vashon Island right across from Seattle and its pretty much heaven. My idea of heaven anyway. The air is clean and salty and the earth is green and moist. Not too hot and not too cold. Just heaven.

What’s your idea of running heaven?

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One thought on “Vacation Running

  1. Sounds/looks fantastic! Lucky you. I love to run on vacation–really one of my favorite things to do–best way to explore a new place.

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