We just returned from California and had a great trip despite the couple of days spent crammed into a minivan. Man I hate traffic. HATE! There is lots and lots of people in California, hence lots of traffic. Don’t miss that I can tell ya. But it was nice to know it would be sunny and 80 every freaking day and we had a great visit with my husbands family-which is really what the trip was about.


Yesterday was National Running Day and I had plans to lace up and run the country trails at Bennington. I was headed to meet Diane and decided just to pop into work and check my first clients arrival time. Shit. 9:30! Only an hour. So I spent my favorite holiday with nothing to bring to the alter, flaking on my friend, and not getting the endorphins my body is screaming for.

Please tell me you were able to run yesterday. Where’s you favorite place to run?


Where I run

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Really? Through the tunnel like that? Don’t you choke on fumes?!

    I just posted about some of my favorite summer running places that I hit on trips. In the end, though, I guess it’s my home turf that I love the most for runs!

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