Holy crap, who ever said to take one day of rest for every mile run was right! At least for me. Yesterday I ran 4 miles and today 6 blissfully quiet miles, no garmin, no music, no gu, no compression garb, no stupid shit. Just naked. Naked at church. It has been exactly 26 days. Weird, just happened that way.

Not only did my shin not hurt but I forgot to think about it. I think the lower body drama is over. Hallelujah

Occasionally I’ll wonder why I write this blog. I still don’t really know what compels me to be so self centered but I do like having a written history of past events. I swear since my lobotomy having children, my memory is shot.
I used to pride myself on my freakish nature to recall even the smallest details, now I can’t even remember where I parked my car.


I can barely stand to be around myself as of late and I know something needs to change. Time to get off the island, again. Thankfully we are headed to CA for a family vacation. My father in-law turns 65 and we will be celebrating his birthday in Pismo Beach followed by staying with our lovely brother and sister in-law in thier new house in the Bay Area. Should be great. Love my husbands family.

I always tend to get punchy when a trip is on the horizon, I turn into a total nut job. I just need out of here!

I would love to do another race soon that might help my mood but spring thru fall (coincidentally race season) is the busy time for the catering business. Then there is also the fact that we live 3-4 hours from any real type of civilization. And the fact that I have 2 lovely children that need adult supervision 24-7. It’s even tough if there is a local race to be able to commit to it because of catering gigs, which also fall on weekends primarily. Basically a single mom over the summer. Actually, thats not true, the single parents I know get every other weekend to themselves. I’m not complaining just sayin.

Do you get punchy before a trip? How many races do you do a season?

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One thought on “Naked

  1. Love that you are feeling better on the lower body front. Now it’s onward and upward. I wouldn’t sweat the fact that racing is tough to fit in right now. Start looking for some fall races and focus on those. If you get a break here or there where you can throw in a 5k for a little speed over the summer, then call it a bonus.

    The trip sounds great. I love traveling and with family in another state, we do our fair share of it. I’m getting excited now that summer is here and getting to the beach isn’t all that far off!

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