Cross train


Well after the big scare and Eugene, oh and regular life I’ve been pretty wiped out. The other day I took a 1.45 min nap followed by another hour nap after eating a bowl of Cheerios. Romantic, no?


Mothers Day I did my first triathlon. Totally last minute and you can tell im confused (unlike normal). Just a sprint version, in a pool baby style.

It was fun, I guess. I feel fairly indifferent; perhaps because it was so small and really, really poorly organized.
I mean it was, swim, RUN, bike in that order because they didn’t have permits to close off the streets so we had to run 2 laps around a janky soccer field, thru a parking lot, and over a gravel driveway to get out bikes which were placed out of city limits. Whatever. It was fine. The swim was only 10 laps but challenging. The run was down right stupid, and the bike was kinda boring. The shirts are cute and it was only 20 bucks so happy mothers day to me. It took me about 1:20 but I got the first one over with pain free.




I have not really run since Eugene and I’m starting to crave a good run. I don’t want to loose all my fitness but my shin needs to be completely healed before I push it again. Hopefully this week I’ll give the legs a whirl outside on the pavement. I just don’t want to come this far in the “healing process” to F it up. Ok, really it’s just an excuse for burnout and having cocktails. Im good with that….just for a few more days.

Any body experience burn out? How long until you snap out of it?

One thought on “Cross train

  1. I totally get the attitude about having put in all that time already and not wanting to blow it now. Smart!

    And if you’re burned out, it also means you need some more rest. So go with that–you’ll come around.

    Baby pool swim. Killing me.

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