Eugene was great for many, many reasons; but one was the free 15 minute massage at the end. Bonus! After the rub down we headed back to the hotel for our well deserved Fireball whiskey. A standard post race event I’m told from Brooke. So like a good Indian, I followed the plan. I didn’t even put up a fight.


Brooke and Niki had to drive back so we parted ways. Diane and I shopped and walked around which was great for the legs and I abused the free hotel ice machine.

We finally made it home and celebrated with the family. I think my husband was more relieved I got sub 4 then I was. Good lord I could stand another 6 months of my bitching either.
My son was really proud of me but disappointed I didn’t qualify for Boston; he was really hoping to see The Green Monster.
I couldn’t tell how my shins were because my quads were horrendous. Holy crap, please no stairs! And dam it I wish I could stand and pee. Whoa, I was shocked they were so sore. But my son, being the genetically gifted entrepreneur offered to roll my legs. For a fee. Good job Sam, way to exploit your mom.

So I have not run since the race. The only thing I did was spin once. Oh and…

Now I just stalk and drool over other people running. Totally normal right?!

Do you stare at other people when they are running and you are not?How much time do you take off from running after a big race?Whats you drink of choice afterward?

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