Unexpected sprint workout

I have not run since Eugene. Spin a couple of times and that’s it. Im purposely not running because there may or may not be a few more things I want to be completely rested for. The weather has been truly gorgeous here so Sunday when our good buddy and trouble maker stolled by with his two littles ones we chatted on the front lawn and caught up. I vented to him how I drug the kids in the car to the Y so I could do the elliptical but wouldn’t you know the kids room was closed. The first Sunday of the new schedule I suppose. I let the kids run around the gym while I did some weights then just bagged the workout because the kids kept being crazy and I was tired of fighting them. So, Sean in his brilliance (because he needed an extra girl) asked me if I wanted to sub on his rec soccer league in about an hour. I don’t know, it was beautiful out, he assured me I do fine and all I had to do was kinda stand there and run occasionally. I mean I can run 26.2 miles so I should be golden.

I have NEVER played soccer before. Never. Ever. I’ve never played any sports, not by MY choice just my back ass upbringing. I told Sean over and over but it didn’t seem to phase him. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, it sounded super fun.

I had about an hour to find some cleats and watch my husband laugh at me then it was go time. Thankfully I’m a dwarf and I was able to borrow my good friends 4th grade daughter cleats and shin guards.


I hopped in the


Just trying to be discreet, you know, and arrived.


Turns out the team I was playing on is sponsored by the same team my husband plays softball on… They were all drinking beer when I showed up. The teams are sponsored by a local great watering hole. Now normally, I know, and you know, I’m totally down with that but when I looked at my opponents and couldn’t really understand the Spanish they were slinging I started to freak. It didn’t help that they all looked about 18. I was going to get my ass kicked. I’ve watched my son play soccer numerous times but the only thing I gathered from that was, “Left Foot!! Left Foot!!! Back up!! Back up!!!”
No freaking clue. As I was leaving home and my husband was snorting beer out of his nose from laughing so hard he gave me this sage advice,”Don’t touch the ball unless you have to. Pick a girl and just block her.”

stolen pic from Internet


So I was just going to block her. Well apparently I was white on rice I guess. Hey I even stole the ball once. She did not seem that thrilled with me. I guess my “ring scratched” her. I apologized very sincerely because I felt terrible and told her it was my first time playing. She just kinda nodded and never made eye contact with me the rest of the time. Well…excuse me. But if I’m doing something “wrong” tell me. I said sorry a few times and I don’t even know what for; I have no clue I just thought I was supposed to look like the girl in the picture above. My teammates in their buzzed haze said I was doing great. Well shit. Bring it then. So I continued to be right on her.
It was tough. Talk about a sprint workout! I was so winded I nearly wanted to puke a few times. But I didn’t because I needed to protect my spot! God, take things a little to serious Becca? And I wonder where my son (who we mirror each other tremendously) gets it from!?
So that was Sunday. I think we won too.

Where I run

What’s something athletic you’ve never done? How did go?

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