Here it is

The night before was awesome we carbo loaded, shopped, and gave each other a good leg rub down.

Brooke, God Bless her speedy little heart said we ought to wake up at 4:00 am to eat, 3 hours before the start. “Follow the plan!” is what she kept saying. I told those crazy girls they need to go eat in the closet and keep the lights off. That’s just too dam early!

But with all the laughing and nervous energy I gagged down a bagel while practically sleeping. Follow the plan!
Now we are up and at em almost ready to leave. I swear to God maybe eating so early was good because I was so freaking nervous I almost puked while brushing my teeth!

Dear god what am I doing!? 26.2 miles is far and I didn’t train the way I wanted! Ugh no backing out now!

We hopped on the school bus to the start. Got in line for the Honey Buckets and I nearly puked again. So gross. So nervous. Niki was assigned coral B and we were in coral A. So there was a little sneaking to get her in coral A with us. My goal was obviously sub 4 and I was really hoping for at least 3:48, the right side of 12 you know. I felt so out if place in coral A. What the hell?! All these people are fast! I’m gonna get run over! I took a deep breath and reminded myself that even if I didn’t go 3:45 ish that I was most definitely not going over 4 hours so my happy, kinda unprepared ass is staying put!
The gun started and off we went. I’m pretty slow to warm up, I never go out fast, and the same held true race day. Just stay under a nine minute mile and don’t risk blowing Goal A. Let the crowds thin out and just hang back. No hurry 24 miles to go. Niki and I had kinda agreed to run the first 18-20 together then if gas in the tank go for it. Main objective sub 4. Duh.
It was about 50 and overcast but warmed up a bit and by mile 7 I took my shirt off and ran just in a very thin unpadded sports bra.I just hate things touching me. But holy god if I would have realized how terrible I looked maybe I would have kept my tank top on. Ah, probably not.
I felt great! A tiny bit of side aches at the beginning(which I never get). But no shin issues and I was just happy to be running so effortlessly. The plan was to run without music until mile 13 but I didn’t need it until mile 16 or so. I think it was at mile 17 I just said to myself, ” I love this shit! I love you marathon! Let’s do this!”
I can’t remember where exactly Niki and I parted ways, I think it was around 20 and I was really done screwing around. I wanted to put every ounce into this. I could hurt tomorrow. I kept crazy even splits almost the entire race. The last 2 miles were in the low 9’s and it was getting quite warm. No one passed me the last 2-3 miles and I was chewing them up the best I could. I “chicked” this guy that I had seen a few times and there was no way in hell I was going to let him pass me! No. Freaking. Way.
Mile 25 I saw Brooke standing on the curb looking for us. I don’t think I was ever so happy to see someone! She is a rockstar and knows just what to say. It was a pretty emotional experience to see her and I can’t repay her enough!
I knew I had it and I kept gutting it out. But where the hell was Hayward Field?! I should be able to see it!
A few moments later there it was!

Running through the gates and onto Hayward was awesome! I gave it everything I had! Dipped into low 8 min pace.

Most heinous race picture ever but I’m owing it! I don’t care! Take that 26.2!
And just like that…it was over.


The three of us doing the full PRed and Diane, my good buddy BQed with 5 minutes to spare! Brooke was injured so walked the half as to not risk anything and she practically walks faster than I run.
A truly wonderful weekend!
Can you top that?!

3 thoughts on “Here it is

  1. Loved this! Been waiting!
    Have wanted to text all week, but can’t find the right words. Just know I’m thinking of you. Keep me posted. Love ya’!

  2. What a great day! You ran such a smart race and it paid off for you. And wow–you all PRd? That’s icing on the cake!

  3. Best day ever! You, my friend, are a hero. You looked fear in the eye and stomped on it. I love how you describe your feeling at mi 20. The Fireball is just a little reminder of how awesome the day was!

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