March 22, the second day of spring.

On the upside is I get to enjoy it from inside because I’m not running at least until Sunday when I’m supposed to run 20 short miles.

Today is my first time ever doing acupuncture. I have been told by so many people that it is awesome. I always assumed I had to pay out of pocket for the service so I’ve never gone. One day out if the blue I decided I had the patience to sit on the phone and call my insurance company to see what they cover exactly.
Ha! Only a $25 co pay and it took about 2 months to get the appointment. Whatever happens I’m stoked to go sit in a dark room by myself for 30 minutes!

Now on the downside
.25 into what was supposed to be my 8 miles I turned around. Um…I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

First anger

Then grief…I kinda really wanted to cry

Now trying to pull it together of how I’m going to solve this problem.
Hopped in the car, went to the Y and got on the god dam elliptical.
My shin hurts. It’s been varying degrees of hurt but yesterday scared me. It was a sharp pain in my shin. I have a pretty high pain tolerance (gave birth being induced with no drugs…yep bad ass)
So I can run though it but it’s not an achey pain it’s a sharp pain. I swear I think it’s a small SF and the X-ray just didn’t show it. So that’s all for now. This was supposed to be fun.

One thought on “Spring

  1. So sorry on the shin–can you get MRI or bone scan to put your mind at ease? It can take up to six weeks for it to show on x-ray.

    I am one who loves and swears by acupuncture. And I love the “nap” that I take there. Plus you’ll sleep great tonight.

    Good luck with it all.

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