Need More Shoes

Yep, I am an aqua jogger now. I thought about becoming a race walker but that’s a little close to the 80’s resurgence that is already getting so played out.


Besides being an aqua jogger has way cooler accruements to buy. I mean check out this chick…

I’m even going to need water running shoes. Wow my Joy Killer is not going to be happy about that! But I did tell him (my husband, my better half) that I needed a water running belt and that the Y provided these for free..

I said that if he wasn’t nice to me I might go out and purchase this little naughty little number for my own private use…

I couldn’t tell if he was pissed or turned on.

I did aqua jog for 1 hour then swam half a mile. Maybe I’m a bit delirous from the chlorine but it wasn’t so bad. I mean you should see how fast I run in the water. Chariots of Fire theme song was playing and Kenyans everywhere were getting nervous. Plus it was great to have good company and I get a kick out of intimidating Michelle with my furious speed.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever run? What’s your secret running accoutrement?

Where I run

One thought on “Need More Shoes

  1. You are bringing back bad memories for me! I spent all of last summer and into fall water running and swimming. I got SO sick of it! But friends help, as does a waterproof holder for an iPod. Good luck with it all.

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