After Sunday’s cluster fu@k of a run I was really feeling the need for redemption. I took Monday completely off, Tuesday did the elliptical for 6 miles and by Wednesday I was so “Fueled by Spite” I almost wanted to puke. (haha not as funny as it reads, but hilarious in my mind). I called Diane and we met for 5 miles. I told her there would be no babying today. I wanted to average below 8 min mile pace and that was what we were GOING to do if it killed me. Of course she was like,”alrighty then what are we waiting for!?”
Pushed the start on G Money and we were off.

In my mind it was critical to start faster keeping the average pace below 8min mile. Some people can warm up quickly but I take forever. Just like waking up in the morning…takes forever and is miserable.
I pushed and the first mile was about 7:57, had to stop for a minute to catch my breath. The rest was money. Averaged 7:38 pace for 5 miles. What?! What!? Holla. (yes I like to speak as if I’m a gay boy working the MAC counter). Funny thing is I felt pretty great. Except for my shin. Grrr! But it’s still manageable. The nice thing about running faster is your done faster, duh, obviously. But so great to be done under 40 minutes. Now more time to procrastinate and troll blogs.

Have you ever been so fed up that you have to go out and push it to redeem yourself? What does your inner characters voice sound like? Holla back and comment on this blog, gurl!

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