It has been 4 days since my 17 miler and I still am unsure how to describe it. So instead of being all wordy and dramatic I’m opting for bullet points or this blog will have to end now. Tragic, I know.
-husband out of town
-pissing down rain
-babysitter hours got all screwy and started run 2.5 hrs later
-good we started later, rain cleared
-6 miles into uphill run started to get really windy. Decided to turn around rather than do county roads
-kept getting windier. So sick of the wind this month
-run up onto hill and see this blowing our way

pic from Internet didn’t have my phone but you get the idea
-storm blowing right into us

-here it comes
-hail. A ton of hail!
-it hurt
-but not as bad as this dude who was caught in a hail storm according to google images

-beg for ride from some random runner older guy. He looked totally legit
-dropped off at the Y (he was headed there anyway) Turns out he’s done like 20 marathons=awesome new friend
-freezing cold
-5 miles on treadmill
-now burning hot
-2 miles to home

That was the most disjointed run ever, but we totally completed it!
-pick up kids
-drop off kids
-pick them up again
-son gets an epic bloody nose at a friends house
-bake 25 loaves of bread for sandwich shop while kids are at catering kitchen going nuts (see above photo taken by my son)
-7:40 pm finally home
-7:43 pm finally shower
-7:56 pm

-that’s pretty much the end

Ever have a disjointed run? What happened? How did you reward yourself? You did reward yourself, right?!

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