It’s funny, I’ve realized we have entered an entire new club. Not the single fancy free club, not the romantic newly married club, not the sleep deprived baby phase. We are starting the full fledged middle aged plod along club. Today my son is eight. Wow. How in the world did my life get to the middle aged club? Do I often fantasize about living in a city being fancy free… Yes. How about no real responsibilities? Yep. Some days are really hard to be a parent, just the fact that people need you and thier needs have to come first is difficult. I never imagined getting married let alone become a parent. I didn’t dream of weddings and minivans. Didn’t. Even. Cross. My. Mind.

That being said, I can’t believe where my life has taken me. I’m not touchy feely at all, but I’m so thankful for MY family and the choices I’ve made. I love that kid. I can’t believe how one can love someone so much. Sam was pretty difficult up until the age of 4 but he has gotten much more amicable and dare I say fun. I love going on bike rides with him, traveling and hopefully running together one day. He really wants me to goto Boston so he can come,although his agenda is to watch a baseball game, but I’m sure he’d be okay to go cheer on mom. Hopefully one day. No. One day!
The only thing I hope for my kids is to be healthy and happy(and a little driven). We’ve only got one go around so we better aim high and enjoy the journey!

Happy Birthday Buddy! Love mom and dad.

Which club are you in? Are you surprised where your life has taken you? Do you aim high or coast along?



2 thoughts on “Eight

  1. Happy birthday to your little guy! I’m right there with you–I have an almost 11-year old and 7-yr old. I think we are in that sweet spot. Can we keep them there?

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