Crack Den


This snow, ice, whatever storm that has rolled through is really screwing with my plans for training domination. God bless this island, Walla Walla, and I love the snow, even the falling ice…but what the hell… Why no snow plows? I mean seriously. It snows every freaking winter and I can’t remember seeing the roads get cleared. Schools have closed, buisness shut down (eh em one in particular even the freaking banks closed early today. I digress. Shocking.

The Y was open but due to kid issues and the whole driving thing we were cooped up all day in the house. Actually, I relish in the idea of being forced home all day. Kinda like loosing Internet access or having your cell phone break. It’s great. For a while. Then the nut ball starts to claw at the walls and it gets ugly real fast.

Today was supposed to be a quick speed work day(ha, get it? Becca your so funny!) I tried manipulating everyone and every thing in order to get to the Y. I spent more energy worrying about my “running schedule” than the actual aerobic activity.
Well. Wasn’t. Gonna. Happen. I felt like a drug addict looking for my next fix (not that I would know).
Ooop, until…ding bingo!! It came to me in a vision. My friend and neighbor has a treadmill in her basement! Now, she had 3 kids and I remember once she said about someone falling and it being all jacked up. Whatever. Like a good addict I conveniently brushed the those nasty thoughts aside, picked up my cell phone and begged for a fix.

Ta-da!!! Snuck in the back door. Turned on trashy TV, peace and quiet flooded over me and speed work was done. Damm I love that Crack Den.

Ever beg for a run? How low did you go? Feel like a druggie afterward? Was it worth it?

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3 thoughts on “Crack Den

  1. Completely feeling you on this one! Maryland is very similar w/ the snow and ice when it comes–everything is shut down and paralyzed. We are looking at an ice storm overnight and I don’t know what I will do for my long run. I have a treadmill, but seriously, I just can’t do 16-17 on it. I know others do, but not me. So I’ll probably run my shorter Sunday run on the ‘mill tomorrow and then do the 16 on Sunday, in the afternoon, after I return from my son’s swim meet. Blech!

  2. I live in a place where it typically snows a lot during the winter, and the city is quite good about getting the roads cleared relatively quickly. Even so, I’m glad I own a treadmill because it makes thing so much easier logistically.

    Glad you got your fix!

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