Change of Plans

Woke up to this

This is the first real snow we have had all year and it is beautiful!  I love the change of seasons, especially the snow. It is so silent, so clean,and just so peaceful.

 I am only supposed to do three miles today and I didn’t really feel like going through the process of shoes, pants, YakTrax, etc just to go three miles. I’d rather go on a walk in the snow; which is what I did and it was lovely.  Still needing to workout I headed to the Y for spin and 3 on the mill.

I’m not too sure whats going on with the hand on the head but whatever, it’s a picture of my matching outfit; all that really matters.  Spin is so awesome! It has been only since this summer that I have gotten into it and I love it.  It is a great bang for your buck in terms of time and how low impact it is on the body.

Have you ever been to a spin class? Like it? Ever take awkward photos of yourself in public?


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