Son of a B$@ch!!!!
Not what I wanted to wake up to at 5:30. It’s ok, blow it off Becca.

But seriously this ice all over the roads is gonna be the death of me! Ok. All you hardcore runners, I know what your thinking,”it’s beautiful, it’s challenging, just wear your Yaxtrax.”
Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, I like a challenge. Yes, I have Yaxtrax. But I’m sick of having to fight with the cars on the roads. The only place it’s not an icy death trap is in the middle of the street. It’s getting really annoying moving over from side to side every 7 minutes. Coupled with the fact that I feel so slow. The other day Diane and I went out and did 8 and it really kinda sucked. Super windy too. We felt hardcore, but still.


After school was canceled and kid issues arranged I finally made it to the Y do 6 miles. Only to then find this

I seriously almost had a “come apart”.
Finally worked out my situation, luckily I had a pair of these in my car.

I know it may not seem like a big deal but I totally felt like this


Ever have one of “those days?” Did you come apart or keep it together?

Where I run

2 thoughts on “Grrr

  1. The events pictured in that first photo would have sent me back to bed, demanding a do-over.

    What I especially hate about running on icy roads is that drivers are often not looking for runners and often not driving well in those conditions. Be careful out there!

  2. I totally hear you on the ice situation.AND–I don’t even think it’s pretty! I could live w/o snow and ice for the rest of my life. It does get so frustrating to have to be out in the road.

    Here’s to some melting!

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