Seattle again

We came back to Seattle this weekend to participate in the Seattle Wedding Show. Part business part fun. Loving write-offs again.
We brought the kids this time to get them off the island and show them that other worlds DO exist.

We went to the Pacific Science Center
Out of the blue ran into an old friend from Sacramento!

John has been mostly working so it’s an utter tragedy that I have been unable to run outside in this! Ugh, trying not to be bitter.

I’ve woken up early for a treadmill date just so I could get a run in. I was supposed to run 10 today but only able to do 4.5. Tomorrow when we get home I’ll do my long run. Although it is pure torture to not be able to take off on some wooded trails and taking in the cool pine filled air. Oh, well.
For now we will do more of this

And this


And at least maybe I’m getting my son more interested in running. He woke up so early I took him with me to the hotel gym, which was in the basement, so as to not wake up the rest of the team.



Where I run

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