Dang it! I’m still glad I left Blogger but there are still a ton if things I can’t figure out about WordPress. Hey I’m a hairstylist and “resturaunt” owner, not a numbers or computer person. I tend to run on feelings and premonitions, not helpful with the techy side of blogging. My blog isn’t showing up on people’s blog rolls (what is that anyway) and my header blows, comments are spotty and still not nearly enough bling on ze blog. So today I went to one if our only bookstores in town and bought this

Hopefully I can start ghizzin up the blog a bit.

Are you at WordPress?Did you have issues too?What would you do to make your blog blingier?

Where I run

4 thoughts on “Dummy

  1. You sound like me! I switched from blogger to WP at the end of summer. I’m glad I did it, but–I do think blogger was easier. I’ll need to check out that book too!

  2. I have no clue about any of this — which is one reason that I’ve decided not to consider making the jump to wordpress.

    I really like running in a cemetery in Toronto whenever I’m visiting my in-laws.

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