Lets just start off by wishing good luck to those that have made new years resolutions, not my thing but what ever works for you, do it! Especially good luck to those who want to loose weight and improve fitness, I’m all for it. Um…unless your on my spin bike. Now, I knew it was going to be busy at the Y on January 2nd, so after I dropped the kids off at school (yes, lame they had school on a federal holiday) I hurried to spin class. I was really looking forward to it because I had just done a long run the day before and spinning is a great recovery workout. Despite my efforts to arrive super early the bikes were already full. Half of the equipment had shit on them because people were saving bikes. Even my bike. Grrrrr I began to act just like an entitled petulant child, stomping my feet and bitching to whom ever would listen. Then I felt worse for getting mad at “other people” for using my bike. I should be glad people are getting after it. Just not on my time, right. It is quite unattractive of oneself to behave that way and think those thoughts but I couldn’t help be pissy and that in itself made me more bugged. Oh god, have I become that self righteous workout person?! And what’s the deal with bike savers?

Have you ever been that person?
Is it kosher to save to save bikes at your gym?

2 thoughts on “Pissy

  1. I have listened to Michael bitch for two days straight about the News Years Resolution punks who are “parked” on HIS equipment at the Y. From the mouth of babes, “They are on my machine and in the way.” Give it a few weeks! And also–you’re still not on my blog roll….HOW?/ WHY?? I must follow you! šŸ™‚

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