Sometimes I really love living in a small town. As a matter of fact, most days now I really, really enjoy it. How awesome is it to goto the Seattle Airport and see so many familiar faces all waiting to come back to the island. I was so happy to see this lady.

Rebecca is one the first people we met when we moved to Walla Walla. She has two kids the same age as ours and is a radical yoga and spin instructor. She always makes one smile AND work hard!

It has not always been so great to return to the island. When we first moved here I wouldn’t say I hated it but I was strongly willing to move to Portland at any moment. Like leave all your shit behind and never look back, kind of eager. We moved here with the intent to open a small business (that’s another post or blog entirely). Needless to say ideas, “dreams” all take wayyy longer than anticipated. We stuck it out and now have made a nice place to live and raise our kids. It felt like a marathon let me tell you…but we just kept pushing forward. Not knowing a soul upon arriving, I am astounded by the friends and community we now have on this island. So very lucky and I wouldn’t change a thing as far as that is concerned. The island isn’t perfect but as far a people go it is pretty rad.

Today Michelle, Diane and I went on a New Years Run. It was Michelle’s idea to ring in 2012 with 12 miles. Diane and I are training for Eugene and Michelle is going to be in BOSTON in April. We all geeked out over training plans after our run.

What are your next race plans? Anything ever take you longer than anticipated?

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One thought on “2012

  1. Loved our run this morning!
    Love that you LOVE Walla Walla. Just for the record, when Michael first moved here he always referred to it as an island and not a happy one for him. But over the years, it really grew on him. WW has a way of doing that. The people, the weather, the activities….they become hard to dream of living without!
    I, for one, am SO glad you stayed!

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