I got my blogger gift in the mail today! I’m so on top of it.

Today I went to the Y and took a spinning class for an hour. It consisted pretty much of intervals. The instructor didn’t have us out of the saddle once. My ass was getting pretty dang sore. Class ended and I hurried home to get kids ready and off to school. Proceeded to run a bunch of errands then figured what the hell, lets go run four miles on the treadmill. This is the second time I’ve done two workouts in a day (yoga does not count in my book). I feel pretty good. Super productive. Until I pass out of exhaustion about an hour from now, anyhow. If I am gonna break 4 hours in the marathon I better get my butt in gear and start getting a good base. I will break 4. But I want to break 4 and have it feel relatively easy, kinda in need of a confidence booster. I have the dream to run Boston one of these days (sooner than later would be real nice). When one sets goals they should be attainable but a stretch. My 4 hour goal is defiantly attainable. Boston on the other hand, I really have no idea since I am kinda a pussy and baby myself. I can do the research however. According to McMillan, based on my half time (1:48) I’m not that far off. I mean I know I’m no where close in the full time but maybe it is possible. One step at time. Next is break 4 hours and try to hit 1:44 in the half. Sounds pretty reasonable. Any experts out there think I’m off my rocker or headed in the right direction?

yes I saved this image to my iphone. A little friendly reminder to myself.


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